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What do they do at cat shows?

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They are having a cat show in a nearby city this weekend and I was wondering what they do at those. We adopted a cat from the humane society about a year ago and the vet thinks it's part Maine Coon. Is it a pretty good bet that they will have full Maine Coons there? I'd like to see one. I've seen pictures but I'd really like to see one in person.
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I am pretty sure there will be Maine Coons. At shows the cats are set up in rows in cages. There are judging rings that the cats are carried to and put in another cage. The judge takes out the cat to a table to be judged. Usually there are vendors to shop at and sometimes an agility ring to watch.
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You will have fun And get to see MANY breeds (is this a CFA, ACFA, or TICA show)? I've never been to a show that didn't have a TON of maine coons (kittens, championship and alters); so I'm sure you will get to see them.

Warning - leave your checkbook at home and only take a certain amount of cash - otherwise you will be picking up toys, cat treats, new cat purses, t-shirts, and maybe a cat treehouse

Let us know what you think. And don't hesitate to ask quietly for someone to explain the judging. Sit in a few rings and listen to the judges talk - many will explain the breeds and other tibits to the audience.
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Maine Coons are the 2nd most popular LH breed in the world. I'm sure you'll see some there!
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This show is an ACFA sanctioned show. I don't know what that means.

Sounds like a blast. I like the suggestion of leaving my checkbook at home. I probably won't though.

Thanks for all the feedback. If someone can tell me what ACFA means, I'd appreciate it.
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My association ACFA - American Cat Fanciers Assoc. Was asking cause only ACFA and TICA will allow the Bengals to compete. So you will probably see them too. Which ACFA show is it? City?
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It's in Stoughton, Wisconsin and put on by the Madison Cat Club.
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ohhhh Madison's show If it was closer, I'd have put Charlie in. His next ACFA show will be October in Des Moines.
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I take it all the cats at the cat shows are purebred? Frankie looks and acts so much like a Maine Coon from pictures I've seen and descriptions that I've read on Maine Coon's. I'd love to show him as a mixed breed if they did that type of thing.
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I don't know about ACFA but in CFA they have a HHP(house hold pet) category you could show your domestic in.
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On their entry form they have LH HHP which would be Frankie. They also have SH HHP, Royal HHP, and Supreme HHP in the household pet section. What is a Royal or Supreme?
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All associations have a class for mixed breeds or unregistered purebreds called "Household Pet Class". The only requirements are cats over 8 months have to be neutered and spayed and in CFA no declawed cats allowed. TICA and ACFA will allow declawed cats but don't encourage it.

The titles of Royal and Supreme are the HHP equivalant of champion and grand champion for the purebreds.
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Thanks for all the good info. Our guy has all his claws.
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Definitely go to the show. You will have a blast and see breeds of cats that you have never seen before. The vendors and products are usually great and at a much lower price than stores. Take the time to watch some of the ring action. Some judges will talk to the crowd and tell you what they are looking for - some are quiet. Take the time to walk through the benching area (cats and owners waiting to go in the rings). I promise you that you will have a great time, if you are a cat lover.
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You all were so right. We loved the show. The cats are so beautiful.

We didn't understand the judging though.
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You can pm me with questions on judging - I can explain it or just post your questions here and I'll explain - I show in CFA and ACFA.
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Post a new thread and all of us crazy cat show people will respond!
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We didn't watch the judging very long cuz we didn't understand it but if I think of any more specific questions, I'll be sure to post them. I already got responses to my question regarding the feather.
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