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Lord of the Rings Two Towers

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Anyone see it today? We went to the 2nd showing, and I really liked it way better than the first one. Golum has issues. I was wanting to root Gandolf on towards the end (for those of you who saw it, you'll know what scene I am referring to). I like Aragon
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I live in Port Hedland....I won't get to see the movie until like Christams Eve or Boxing Day....and that has to be in ANOTHER town Karratha, a two hour drive away, if I make it there....

If not...I have to wait longer until it's released on DVD, the collector's edition......sooooo....I could be waiting 11 months before I see any of it.

Apparently the local cinema is renovating....during two big movie releases...Harry Potter and LOTR....wonder if they're making a profit with all the intelligent planning they seem to be doing.....
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We have to wait until Boxing Day to see it here.
I'm glad to hear it's so good though...knew it would be
We can either see it normally by itself or watch both it and Part 1 together in a movie marathon at 11pm on Boxing Day.
We're definitely going to the movie marathon...should be great!
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I saw the Two Towers today and I loved it!
Wow! I thought they did a great job with Gollum.
They did leave a whole bunch out, but I expected that. There is so much in the book, that the movie would have been a million hours long if they had crammed it all in. The Ents were great, and Grima (Wormtongue), the guy who lies and enfeebles King Theoden of Rohan, was exactly the way I pictured him.
And I DID root for Gandalf in the last scene.
Go, Olorin!
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That movie makes me homesick for New Zealand. If you look at www.stuff.co.nz it has news about New Zealand and as thought, Lord of the Rings is the talk of the town, with people like Elijah Wood thinking about moving there. That is a big deal for us kiwis!
I am so proud that this movie is made in NZ, because it is this tiny little country with a population of 3.8 million and then Peter Jackson comes along and makes this magnificent movie and New Zealand gets this attention. I love it.
I highly recommend that you visit. My aunt emailed me not too long ago and said that the farm where the hobbiton was made is still there and the farmer who owns the land lets people on it to look at Hobbiton, for a fee of course. A very good tourist spot now I guess.

Kia Kaha
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saw it last night...INTENSE. Wow. Very well done. If Peter Jackson doesn't win an academy award for best director there is no justice in this world.

Smeegly (not sure if I'm spelling that right) broke my heart and made me want to cry. Poor, poor creature.
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We're going to see it this weekend. They said that the movie has not gotten even one bad review. I can't wait!!

Tigger, I love Aragon, too!! Of course, hubby thought that was the only reason I loved the movie, until I wanted to watch it over and over and over.....
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Oh dear. I am so jealous that people have already seen it. I am not going until this Sunday. Jenn (jgaruba) and I are waiting on an out of town guest to get their butts over here, and then we get to go. I really cannot wait. I saw a behind the scenes short on television a week or so back, and it just looks excellent.
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I saw this movie last night, for a 7:30 showing. My fiancé had seen it the night before for the first showing at midnight at some expensive theater about an hour from here.

It's a GREAT movie. I'm still not sure what I totally think about it however. I mean I loved the first one, and this new one is so much more emotional, I almost cried like 3 times, and it gave a good sense of pride for yourself or just the people you care about, unlike movies such as braveheart... they were never able to really touch me that way, those movies depended on blood and guts to make good war scenes.

But that stupid (corny) modern comedy which they through in there, drove me nuts! This movie is suppose to be serious. And Ok, a few things were funny, but you don't need like 10 bits of comedy relief. I suppose that is my only quarrel with this movie.

I don't really like any of the actors I guess... but if I had to pick I'd say Legolas (sp?)

<--- pretend they are elf ears!

Gollum was so well done! For the first part of the movie, I hadn't thought much about it, I figured it was some guy in a suit with a digital effect to his eyes, but nope... it's all animation, GREAT job. Never have I felt so bad for some poor disgusting little thing. I read the hobbit a long time ago, and up until last night I always had that childhood fear of Gollum.

Tigger: Gollum is a skitzo

Does anyone know WHAT Gollum was suppose to be, my fiancé said something like a River hobbit... I'm not sure.
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I'm so jealous I have to wait until I go home and see it with Dad

AngelzOO-If I remember correctly, Gollum was supposed to be a creature similar to a hobbit that was corrupted by the ring.
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Gollum, first off, is a hobbit. There were originally three clans of hobbits roaming the Vales of Anduin: the Stoors, the Fallohides, and the Harfoots. They migrated west in the early Third Age, fearing the evil of Sauron.
Most of the Shire hobbits are Fallohides, most of the Bree hobbits are Stoors and Harfoots. A the time of LOTR, Stoor settlemets were common in Buckland; that's where Merry (Brandybuck) is from.
Stoors were among the only hobbits to grow beards, they were very frienly with Men, and they were the only hobbits to know anything of fishing, swimming and boating. The other clans of hobbits hate the water.
Sometime after the Battle of Dagorlad (shown in the opening sequence of the Fellowship of the Ring), a Stoor named Sméagol was fising in the river Anduin with his brother, Déagol. Déagol found Sauron's One Ring, dropped by Isildur hundreds of years before upon his ambush and death. Sméagol became bitterly jealous, killed his brother and stole the Ring. Remember in the Two Towers when Gollum is talking to himself and he calls himself a "murderer?" This is the incident he is referring to. Anyway, after stealing the Ring, Sméagol flees with it into the caverns under the orc-infested Misty Mountains and it corrupts his body and his mind, turning him into the nasty, fish-eating creature, Gollum. If you watch the movie, you'll notice an odd cough that Gollum does where he sounds like he's saying "Gollum, gollum" that's where he got the name.

BTW, Gollum was a guy in a suit. Andy Serkis acted out the part of Gollum in a motion-capture suit, and they replaced him with a computer generated Gollum for the movie. All the movements Gollum makes were actually made by this Andy Serkis guy and recorded on a computer.
Cool, huh?
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I am going to see it tomorrow night. Can't wait!!!

Ooooh la la! Aragorn! What a hunka hunka burnin' love!
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I told hubby my fav character is Aragon, and he was like "I bet he is." :LOL:
We are going to see it again on Christmas .. it'll give us something to do.
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Thirsty: Oh yeah, I understand fully how this type of animation in movies is created. Which is exactly why I was so shocked to hear my fiance comment about what a good job they did on him. Regaurdless of his movements, I was just talking about the shape and texture of him. You know maybe it was a skinny guy running around in a GREAT costume with a few effects to his face, lolol.

Tak the final fantasy movie, that was suppose to be one of the best at this time. I think Gollum far surpases that!
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Oh yeah, I agree that Gollum was much better than the Final Fantasy movie. Also, have you seen the new Harry Potter? There's a character called Dobby the house elf in that movie who's done really well, too. He looks great and he's a good character, but he's no Tolkien elf.
Just out of curiosity, how many of you out there haven't read the Lord of the Rings?
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I've read The Hobbit, LOTR and attempting the Silmarillion.


I don't get to watch Two Towers till 2003 sometime. I'm going to go somewhere dark like the orc caves and not come out until I get to watch it.
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I don't get to the movies often, so I probably won't get to see this until my birthday in January. I don't know if I can wait!
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I went to see it last night!
It had been a while since I watched the first Lord of the Rings so the night before I was going to see the second one, I watched the first one again which really helped me get up-to-date on the story.
It was really good. I especially liked the "tree" creatures. How cool!
I am sorta confused about the elf girl giving her necklace to Aragon. Did that make her immortal powers go away or not???

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Thirtysilver: I have not seen Harry Potter 2 yet, though I believe I know who your taking about from the commercials.
I never read The Lord of The Rings, but I did readd The Hobbit. I'm not a big book reader, specially not that of fantasy. One of my brothers loves it, he has hundreds of those books.

Coco Maui: No it did not take away her immortality, at least that's what my fiance said, and he's read the books and seen the movies. It was just a symbolic gesture.
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AngelZoo -I don't read fantasy except for Tolkien. I have, but, as far as I'm concerned, all other fantasy is just standing on Tolkien's shoulders. Tolkien defined the genre. But, that type of heady stuff isn't for everyone.

Ginger (Coco Maui)- Arwen's Undómiel's Evenstar pendant is just a symbol of her choice to give up immortality for the love of Aragorn.
Strangely, she isn't supposed to give the pendant to Aragorn -at the end of the book (The Lord of The Rings) she gives it to Frodo! Also, in the book, she does not leave for the West, as her father Elrond commands her to do in the movie "The Two Towers." I won't tell you the way it happens in the book . . . it's not that big of a reveal, but I don't know how the movies are going to resolve the Arwen-Aragorn thing, and I don't want to spoil anything that may be upcoming.

This sacrifice of immortality has happened before. Elrond, the elf played by Hugo Weaving in Rivendell, is actually half-elven. He had a bother named Elros. At the end of the First Age, Elrond and Elros were given the chance to choose their race. Elrond chose Elvendom and eternal life. Elros chose to be human, and eventually died. Also, the story of Beren and LuthÃ:censor:en is similar -and one of the most well known stories from the Silmarillion.
Elves can choose to die as humans. Also, they can be killed, or they can die of grief. Otherwise, they do not die.
Death is the Gift of Man.

Loveless Gem - the Silmarillion is a daunting book, but I found myself loving its almost biblical narrative style. What do you think about it?
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I REALLy want to see this movie! I loved the first one, and Brent and the kids are going to see it saturday night, but since I don't think I can find anyone to watch Amber, guess whose butt will probably be stuck at home?? Suppose I'll just wait till it comes out on video. But she is worth it anyway!!!
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Yeah, most of the fantasy stuff now adays, and even years ago were based on the JRTolkien books. Like those "trees" Coco referred to are Ents (sp?) But now the rest of the fantasy world has transform the word into TreEnts (sp?)

I dunno, my fiancé is like a geek for all this stuff, and I just remember bits and pieces of him trying to explain things to me.
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Thanks Ryan for the Lord of the Rings info! You sound like an expert on the subject How many books are there in the Lord of the Rings series? I am interested in reading them. Are they pretty easy to follow? Has anyone read them AFTER seeing the first movie?

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Has anyone read them AFTER seeing the first movie?
I actually picked up the trilogy and read it after seeing the first movie. For The Fellowship, I found myself comparing what was in the book and what was in the movie. Personally, I didn't find the differences hard to get over. Although I really like the trilogy, I find the writing style stilted, Victorian and very male-based. I love fantasy, and it was neat to see how a majority of modern fantasy is a child of the trilogy. After all, before J.R.R. Tolkien, the elves were little fragile creatures, while he made them a warrior race.

In my edition of The Return of the King, there is a rather large appendix giving all of the history of Middle Earth (written by Tolkien). I have read that Tolkien based it largely on Norse mythology, and I'm pretty familiar with Norse mythology, but I have to admit I was lost. It's taken several readings to figure out the backstory Tolkien had created. For me, it added an additional layer to the story the movie told, but I don't think it's necessary to truly enjoy the movie, or the books.
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Okee -I agree that LOTR is very male. Lots of swords and dragons and dark lords. I did however find the grace and beauty of the elves very feminine. All of the women in Tolkien's stories are very elegant, beautiful, and melancholy.
If the language seems Victorian, it's because Tolkien was a language professor -a philologist. The stories in LOTR and the Silmarillion sprung from his research in Finnish, Norse, and Middle English tongues (Middle English - Middle Earth). He wrote his stories as sort of a history of Europe, so it makes sense that he would use Old English language and grammar.

Well, Coco . . . the Lord of the Rings was released as a trilogy even though it was meant to be one big book with three parts. It technically isn't a trilogy since a trilogy is series of three books, each of which has its own separate ending. But the three Lord of the Rings books just blend directly into each other.
You can buy the books as a boxed set with all three, you can buy them separately, or you can buy them as one giant book. They are pretty easy to follow; there are lots of characters and the writing is very descriptive. The great thing about the book LOTR is the history behind it. The world in which it takes place is very old. Some people, myself included, love that sort of thing; but some may find it too heady and drawn out.
Depending on whether you prefer light reading or dark and heavy reading, you may like the book. I love it. I actually read it after I saw the movie, but I had listened to my dad tell me stories from it and the Silmarilion when I was a child. Once I read LOTR, I read the Hobbit again, and then devoured the Silmarillion. I guess I am sort of an expert on Tolkien's work, but I like to stay humble. I have written songs in Elvish, though!
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Count me in for the one person in America who has not seen either of the movies. My ex-husband was/is a complete Tolkien freak. Always has been. I still remember buying him a leather bound set of The Hobbit and the Trilogy for Xmas one year. I guess I have avoided the films because of the connection to him, and no, I haven't ever read the books either. From what I understand, though, I think the films are better appreciated if you have read the books. My daughter found the new movie confusing.
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For all of your major LOTR geeks out there. They have LOTR rings you can buy. They are solid gold, have the inscription and everything. Their about $300.00 each. I'd post a picture but I can't remember the site I saw this on.
I wonder what geeks will use these rings as wedding bands.
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My husband just bought that rock creature in the 1st movie... It was that huge creature in the caves that they fought. They only have 700 that they are making. He pre-ordered it and wont get it til April or somethinglike that, but I guess the thing is huge.
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Tigger: You can make a nice lawn ornament out of it.
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Angel -I'm a fan, but I'd never spend $300 on a LOTR Ring. That's just silly. $20, that's my limit. I have the Ring I bought for $20 hanging from my rear view mirror.
But wedding bands? -sigh-

Deb -It really does help to read the books. I can see how your daughter would have found the new movie confusing: it goes back and forth, never giving any one character too much screen time, and they introduce all these new characters and locations. Rohan? Gondor? Fangorn? Gandalf the White? Without at least a little knowledge of how the story goes in print, the new movie kind of seems like it has no beginning and no end.
The one thing I didn't really like about the Two Towers was the weird comic relief. Gimli cavorts around the screen like Beavis. I didn't think that was necessary, but I guess the filmmakers threw it in because the movie is pretty dark otherwise. All that war and death.

Tigger -I believe you're referring to the cave troll. I didn't know they were making such a limited number. I saw a picture of the thing, and it's giant!
My question is . . . why?
What would one do with what amounts to basically a massive toy?
It's amazing the things people would rather have than money.
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