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My new kitten, roughly 4 months old likes to lick whoever is petting or cuddling her. I'm not all that worried about it as there are worse things a kitty can do. But my boyfriend is a little worried about it so I'm just wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions as to why she licks.

I think it's her way of showing affection. She purrs while she licks. And sometimes she leaves her tongue out and she looks soooooooo adorable.

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I am unsure where the licking comes from. Right now, my latest two rescues Squirrel and Taz will constantly lick our hands and if we let them lick them long enough they start to bite. I have them on great food Royal Canin's BabyKat 34 so I know in their case it isn't a nutrition problem. But they are the first ones that have ever done this and they are siblings? I looked all over the Internet to see if I could find any answers, but so far nothing worthwhile has come up in my search. I just blow gently on puff of air in their face (startles them out of the behavior)
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One of my cats does this whenever she is being petted or cuddled. I've noticed that when she doesn't lick, she begins to drool. So I've concluded that the licking is her way to control the drool, not to mention that her "grooming" me helps her feel closer to me.
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My cat Trouble likes to lick. She used to do it more as a kitten, but now it seems she does it when she is trying to get comfy, so usually when she is cuddling up with me, or her sister, or going to sleep at night with me. She mostly licks my hands and face. I personally think it is adorable, although sometimes that little sandpaper tongue can make my skin very sensitive. Marbles get a little ticked with her sister grooming her, but really, I think that is adorable too. But, back to the point, it seems as time goes by she is growing to do it less. So, maybe your cat will grow out of it? Sorry for my non-explination, this is just what I have grown to think .
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I have heard that cats lick us, or any other animal as a show of affection, and in addition they hope you will return the favor some day.

I DO know people who lick their cats, like just on their head, and they have some of the closest bonds with their cats that I have EVER seen.
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Phew....nothing to be worried about then.

hissy...i too looked all over the internet, no answers. Oh well one of those life's mystery thingies....

I don't mind either way whether she grows out of it or not. It's all part of her and she's still adorable. I'll let her decide whether she wants to stop licking.

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