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Friends of mine have decided that three cats and a dog in a small house just isn't working out for them. They've asked me to help re-home two of their cats (one has already been adopted ).
Bonnie is a 4 year old, longhaired, Dilute Tortie and white. My friends haven't had her for very long, and the lady they adopted her from was a vet tech so she got all the vetting done for free. So Bonnie is spayed, declawed, up to date on shots, on flea preventative, and microchipped. Her current owner had no clue what a longhaired cat needs as far as grooming, so Bonnie is full of mats.
Bonnie is very sweet... I spent some time with her over the weekend. She loves to be petted and is very playful. Not sure what the issue is, but my friend tried to touch Bonnie's back, and Bonnie hissed at her. I had no problems touching her anywhere. She's used to being around other cats and dogs, but the one Alpha male was always chasing her and attacking her so she may be a little fearful around other cats.
If anyone might be interested please let me know. I'd like to get her placed in a new home very soon. Here are her pictures, they're not great quality: