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Fat Lip???

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My tabby, Sunny, looks like he has a fat bottom lip. It's pink, like normal, it just looks like it's a bit swollen. Any ideas as to what this could be?? I've seen it on him before, but it went away. Now that I'm here I thought I would ask if anyone else has seen this before!
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It sounds like it could be eosinphilic granuloma complex, in this case in the form of a "rodent ulcer":http://www.marvistavet.com/html/eosi...granuloma.html
It's often an allergic reaction to a flea bite, or food.
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Thank goodness it doesn't look as bad as any of those pictures! He's due for a checkup, I think I'll be taking him to the vet here shortly!
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Momma got a fat lower lip from Amoxicillin one time...switched to different antibiotic and she was fine.
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Since he had it before, and it disappeared by itself, it really makes me think it could be a rodent ulcer, as they recur like that. Our cat had trouble a few years ago, and we found that he had food allergies that were probably causing that, and a few other problems.
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It's official, he's going to the doctor next week...he was overdue anyhow!
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Hi Jasmine...Your kitty may just have a Herpe Virus...2 of my babies get this from time to time...I keep Clindamiacin on hand...it's an antibiotic and you just squirt it in the mouth...I also use very little metacam along with this because it is an anti inflamatory and pain reliever....I'm hear if you'd like to chat...
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