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About that "Tiger Toy" Cat toy...

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Hi, everyone!

I got busy for a couple of days and couldn't visit the board, and when I logged on this morning, I found several more replies to my original post about the Tiger Toy cat toy!

I took three videos of my youngest cat playing with it. I think the third video probably shows more know how it is...when you want to video them, they stop doing everything! Ha ha!

I hope it gives you a bit of a view on how the cats play with it. The toy is hung a lot lower than it probably should be....I think my cat would enjoy it even more if the mouse were more above his head. Still, he loves it. I hope you can see how easily the toy moves in random directions...all with the slightest touch of a paw.

I read that a couple of you were thinking about making one....I think it could be done, but it seems like the rods and balls are precisely weighed....and balanced. Still, if you HAD one, you could probably copy it. The cords on it are like those thick nylon cords that are attached to camera wrist holders, etc.

Anyway, enough jabber, here are the links to the three videos. Please pardon the small area, and the mess, I live in a tiny apartment and I'm in the middle of moving!

First video:

Second video:

Third video:

I doubt these videos will show anything close to how cool this toy is...but I wanted to post anyway. I hope you enjoy them!

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I'll move this to fur pics and videos
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Oh, thank you so much! I appreciate it! I will post pics and videos here from now on.

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Great videos, I think my cats need one of those
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I ordered one.

Can't wait to set it up in the new apartment.
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What a darling kitty!!!!

I think my kitties need one of those toys too! I've never seen them here, of course I haven't really looked, but where do you get them?
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Bonnie found it on this link:

I hope you can get one! They are so great!

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What a neat idea.

I would be afraid with 5 cats and a few that are rambuntious that this would be flying all over the room knocking everything over and I could see Kiko hanging onto the top part connected to the ceiling, with Ducky hanging from the bottom part while they both swung across the room.

Your cat is so handsome. I love his front legs with the patches of white.
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I was thinking of making one, too -- but I've been a little worried that it might whack a kitty upside the head! You've had no such problem?
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Great videos. I'm putting this toy on my wishlist. Beautiful model you have there
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
I was thinking of making one, too -- but I've been a little worried that it might whack a kitty upside the head! You've had no such problem?
The trick is in the counterbalancing of the weights (wouldn't be that hard if you started bottom up) and finding the right materials to use as the balls on the ends of the doll rods. In looking at the videos, I have the majority of the materials laying around the house but would have to hunt a little for the ball weights. You don't want anything that weighs too much or you are right, it could hurt them.

I was thinking that in my household (large) I would have to hang it in the center of a large room or they would fling it all over the place and break things. I'm not so worried about them whacking their heads, as with the leaps they would be making at it, they will probably land on their heads!

But then again, maybe I'll cheat and order one then replicate it for friends!

Those videos were very cool!!!
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Thank you for all the comments on my kitty!!

He is a very spoiled brat! I love him dearly! He came to me in February, in the middle of a sleet storm... I named him Mistofoles, after the cat in "CATS"...hee hee.

He is a very strange and wonderful cat.....I think he is NOT really a cat, but a reincarnated Egyptian God! Ha ha! He has this weird wisdom about him...

I haven't had one bit of trouble with the rods hitting the kitties in all the time I've had it. The strings are long, so I think as long as you can hang it sufficiently high, there won't be a problem. Mine is hung too low, really, but there hasn't been an incident. Also, I've always hung it in a door way, so that it only knocks on the sides...I've never had a problem with it knocking something over.

Still, it's always good to be cautious. I'm VERY interested to see how other people's cats react to it!

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