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Happy B-Day Bundylee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Since it will already be Dec. 19th where you are:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LESLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wishing you the best and have a Fosters on me mate!!

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Happy Birthday Leslie- Mate O Laughter!

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Ah gee thanks mates LOL!

Must admit I am feeling a tad older hehehe! But with age comes wisdom and I will hopefull get some of that stuff before to long!

Thanks for the birthday wishes it means a lot on what is a difficult day to get through! I miss my mum so much today, she always made my birthday cake and gave me lot's of cuddles But I have my loved ones around and my fantastic mates on this site and my furbabies to get me through! Thank you so much! I am a very lucky gal.
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Here's a B-Day wish from Nakita!

I had to print out the words since there is no sound of meows on the forums!
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That is just toooooooooo precious!!! I am crying now thanks a lot!!! LOL! She is just beautiful and so clever to be able to write already! Please tell her thank you and lot's of furry hugs and fishy kisses, I am putting her picture on my desk top!
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I forgot to mention that we started her in preschool last week!! Her writing is pretty good for her age, isn't it???

Rob mentioned that next year we will send you a video of her singing Happy Birthday!! Enjoy Leslie and major snuggles from Nakita!

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Gee she is advanced isn't she?

Tell Rob I am gona hold you guys to that video!

Thanks again Mate and cheers!!! :tounge2:
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Happy Birthday, Bundy!!

Happy Birthday, from Ike. (Its HIS birthday, too).
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Happy Birthday Leslie!
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Many happy returns of the day!
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Happy Birthday IKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you katl8e and Crazy-Cat-Lover!! :tounge2:

Tania Mate you are nuts!!!!!!!! LMAO!!! No one can accuse you of being excessive at all LOL! Is that goat a pic of me mate???

Thank you also DragonLady and Lhezzza.

You are all so precious!

Pete came home with my brother and brought Chinese for lunch, and a big strawberry B'Cake and I got the extended version of LOTR on D.V.D, a LOTR phone cover for my mobile, Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf CD, Cat Watching (The Essential Guide to Cat Behaviour) By Desmond Morris, Coastliners by Joanne Harris (I really recommend her books) Simply Pilates book and DVD, A pottery handmade oil dish and Harry Potters Every Flavour Chocolates (Yummy). So as you can see I got very, very spoilt!

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Glad to hear you're having a great birthday and being so spoiled!

:teddy: :flower: :daisy: :kitty5:
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Happy Birthday!!!

(I nearly missed it - its 9pm already)

Hope you had a good one.

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I'm nearly too late, but hopefully I'll just squeeze in b4 the end of the 19th in Aus . . .

LESLIE . . . Happy Birthday Ausbird!!

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Oh no, I'm really late!! I hope your birthday was wonderful!!
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Hey Guys thank you so much!!! Well the time is now 12.02am so that's it for another year! Thank you for all your birthday wishes, this old lady is now off to bed with a good book and chocolates yippeeeeeeee!!!
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I hope it isn't too late, but....

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Sounds like you made out like a bandit! Glad you such a wonderful birthday!!

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Oh dear. I slept right through your Birthday! Belated Good wishes!

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I hope you had a great birthday, Leslie.
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I'm late! Oh No!!

Well, since it's still the 19th here, it's still your birthday! Nyah!

Party at Leslie's house!!!
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Happy Birthday LundyBee, have a kiss from me

And no tongues this time
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BUNDY!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can you celebrate a birthday without me! I hope you had a fantabulous day because you deserve nothing but the best! BTW you don't look a day older then 25! Hope the kitties gave lots of snuggles for your special day!
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Happy Birthday Leslie! Hope you had a great time!
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Happy Birthday!

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