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I need help with a name..

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Hi everyone,

I just brought home a new kitten. He is a blue bicolor mitted ragdoll. I need a name for him, and can't come up with anything.

Here is a pic. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I'll move this to fur pics
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Hmmm thinking up names are hard It took me ages too think of names for some of myne hehe, I also have a RagDoll, had her 2 weeks, she is a Seal Colourpoint Lynx, I managed too think of a name on the way home with her I shall put my thinkin cap on and let you know if I think of one !
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OMG she is beautiful!! Thanks so much!
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Oh he's gorgeous, Congratulations
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Im sorry I can be of no help because I am horrible at names, but why dont u wait and see his personality and let him tell u his name

But I did have to pop in here and say how absolutley GORGEOUS he is, I am just in with those eyes too He is just soo GORGEOUS
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omg he's so beautiful...if it was a girl i'd say cleopatra...being that its a boy...i just don't clooney? LOL....
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AZURE?? Kaden??
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How about Cutie Pie? I don't know, I think a name will pop into your head when you least expect it.
I have had this name in my head for awhile, i don't know why; Bouca? (boo-ca)
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What a little angel, the first name i thought of was Jasper, not sure why but he loks like a Jasper?
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I am not sure what u should name her but she is adorable and I am sure you will come up with a great name.
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I think he looks like a Simon.
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He is gorgeous! Have you got any other cats, as you might want the names to go well together.
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Hmm, for some reason Wyatt comes to mind.

He's gorgeous!
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