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Anyone see "the singing bee"?

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It's a new show that premiered last night at 9:30 est on NBC. Joey Fontaine picked some "contestents" out of the audience and they competed against each other by singing pop songs. They moved on if they knew the lyrics exactly, and were eliminated if they messed up.

I'm just asking because it was totally fake! When the people were asked what their careers were and such I could tell that they were totally acting! I think they were theatre people, cause they just just weren't your average person on a game show. It felt rehearsed, fake, overacted, and oversung. Oh, and the people totally knew what song was going to be played. It was agonizing to watch, but I couldn't stop gawking. (Think rubberneckers!)

Fox has an identical show premiering tonight, what are the odds?
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No, haven't watched it. Saw the advertising for it and thought "Ewww! Another reality show!!!!"

I am so sick of all those stupid reality shows. I thought it was just a short fad that would eventually go away, but it hasn't and more and more just keep popping up. It's also become a way for has been actors to try and revive their dead careers IE: Tori Spelling, Christopher Knight, Hulk Hogan, Gene Simmons....geez!!!!
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No, it's not a "reality" show, it's a game show. Think American Idol meets The Spelling Bee meets Price is Right.

I just wanted to see if anyone else thought it was fake besides me and my husband. I guess we were the only ones watching.
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I thought it seemed pretty fake too. I didn't like it.
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oh my goodness! no way i could subject myself to one more horrible "reality" tv show!!!

we have too many already: american idol, america's got talent, big brother, the apprentice, american inventor, america's next top model, uhhhh the list goes on and on!!!! they SERIOUSLY need to some up with something new
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I seen it and was not impressed (sp?)
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I was gonna watch it, but I forgot. Guess I didn't miss too much though, huh?
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I watched it. I don't know about fake, but it sure was stupid. Besides I know the words to no songs. It's just not something I remember.
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