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Christmas toys

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My son & his wife are going to kill me! My only grandson who is 7 told me all he wanted for christmas was a sipder man web blaster. I got it! If you don;t know what this is ,it is a glove that you put on and shot wed's out the end,and when the web is all gone ,you shot water out of it!!! He has to take it home,and not leave it at gamma's.!! I might be here after christmas!
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That reminds me of the year that Mom bought a noisy locomotive, for Mark. When we got home, I took away the batteries.

The next time, that he was going to stay with Mom, I gave back the batteries and sent the locomotive with him!
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Hahaha! That's cute! That reminds me of my mom. Whenever she asks me if I'm ever going to have kids I always say well of course not because of all the things you say you'll do! She has great plans of buying every loud obnoxious annoying toy they make for her grandchildren (if there ever are any). I guess it's part of grandma fun!
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