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Litter Box Problem

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HELP! My cat, Barney, was sick a couple of months ago and he had a few accidents outside his litter box. Now he thinks he can go potty right by my front door on the tile. I've scolded him, cleaned the area, showed him his litter box again, just to find another potty down there. I've resorted to putting another litter box by my front door and trying to refrain from any more scolding. He immediately used the litter box by the front door. I've had him almost 3 yrs and he's always used his litter box until recently. I have not changed the kind of litter or moved his first litter box from it's oriiginal spot. What else can I do? It's very hard to out think a cat.
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Hmmmm thats a tuffy! My cat sometimes goes potty infront of the door when she has a mad on with me or the other cats. Maybe try some water and baking soda to deodorize the area. I am really not too sure about tile.
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I would move your question to the behavior thread were you will get more replies.I have tile and I clean it with bleach which would help your situation as it would get rid of any left over smell such as in the grout.Good luck
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also see if you can find the Cat Attract litter in your area - it really works! if you can't find it, petfooddirect.com carries the additive.
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