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8-Bit... you've been so good for so long...

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Don't push your luck little one. I saw you paw close the bottom drawer of my dresser that Scratch was sleeping in. You shut him in there with no way to get out. When he meowed to get out you left the room.

Your shaggy black brother may be a little slow on the uptake at times but that is no reason to take advantage of it.

End of lecture...
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A little bit of sibling rivalry? Sounds like he's been saving up on his mischief.
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Well, he's been a good boy for a while because he had hero duties on his mind.

You really can't blame a boy for a small reversion to his mischievous ways, now can you?
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He just felt that he had one coming because he was your hero!
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Oh, 8-Bit... be nice to your brother!

8-Bit is sooo funny
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OMG! What a little mischief maker he can be! If he's not stealing tuna sandwiches from the repair guys, he's locking his brother in a drawer
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Sounds like it's never boring at your house with 8-Bit around. He certainly keeps you on your toes!!!
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Maybe he was just making sure that you didn't trip over the drawer next time you go in the room!
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They're too smart for their own good sometimes!!
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Isn't it the nature of brothers to pick on each other?
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poor scratch!!!
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OMG! Thats hilarious!

That little bugger! Poor Scratch
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