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Going to Paris today

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I'm finally able to go on holiday so I'm off to Paris today. I'll be away for a week. I'm really looking forward to it but at the same time I'm feeling so guilty for leaving Nikita alone for so long.

Two friends of mine who live very close by who are going to come twice a day to feed her and play with her so it's not as if she'll be starving or anything but still.

I haven't dared mentioning not wanting to leave Nikita behind for just a week around non-cat people because I'd just get laughed at. Anyway I have to still have a life even though I'm caring for Nikita so I'm going on my well deserved break and meeting up with my family there and everything and yay! Paris.. aand then I get the nagging voice in my head making me feel guilty, oh well.
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awww...she will forgive u after u come home...try to enjoy yourself :-)
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Ooh! Paris!
Have a fab time. I always worry about leaving Kitty but he`s always been fine. The first few times he was a bit miffed with me for a few days but he soom got over it.
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Awwww Nikitia will be fine. If your anything like me i count the days to coming back

I'm off to Paris myself on the 30th of July for a few days.

Weve booked tickets for the Moulin Rouge as well, Oooh la la
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I love Paris! I'm heading there for the Ireland v Argentina match at the end of september. Don't worry, once you've arranged for your cat to be cared for you shouldn't feel guilty about having a break. My mum's cat is more loving than ever when she comes back from hols and he follows her around for about 2 days!

I hear you on not wanting to mention your fears to non-cat people; I won't leave Harry at the moment because he is so young and I'm getting major stick for it. They all say things like 'it's just a cat'. They just don't understand.
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