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Karma does not yelp when steped on

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I don't know if this is the right place so Mods please move if needed.

So yesterday my DH got up and accidetly stept right one Karma's tail. It was forceful enough for me to cringe and for him to feel horrable about it. The thing is she never made a sound. She did not really even flinch. Had I not seen it happen I never would have known about it. I thought that when a cat gets their tail stept on they would yell like no tomorrow. Not Karma. She just went with it. Afterwords she just looked at us like we were nuts for looking her over and checking her tail. I have noticed that the same thing happens when we step on her foot or her whole body for that matter. She never says anything or reacts.

Do some cats have such a high tolerance for pain that it seems like nothing to be steped on? We really try to be careful not to do it but she likes to get right under our feet. Its almost like she gets a good laugh out of watching us stumble over her. Is ther anything we can do to know when we have hurt her? If she does not say anything, how will we know? I hate to step on her and so does my DH but it happens, shes a helper. She just needs to learn to speak up. Is it possable that she has a high level of bone strength? It seams like no matter what nothing would ever break on her. Does that make sence?

Just so you know he tail is fine. I have watched it for the last 24 hours and lightly pulled it and petted it. She has no issue with that so I know she did not get hurt.

We both would feel terable if she did get hurt and we never knew because she did not react.
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It may just be a 'fluke' situation, like the one when a car went over my foot and I didn't feel a thing (and was totally fine too) - just the rubber went over and I was wearing shoes, etc., and maybe the thick fur on your cat's tail plus a carpet(?) or just the tail's angle saved her. I wouldn't go poking her all over to get a reaction, but do remember that their coats can be thick and are meant to protect them in all conditions.
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I step and sit on our cats tails all the time. Neither on of them react other than trying to get up and pull their tails out from underneath my bum. I feel bad every time I do it because I feel something weird and look down to see our kitties trying to pull away. I don't know what it is about their tails. I always thought it hurt them terribly too. Of course if I step on their feet they let me know, so I don't know what to say about your kitty's pain tolerance.
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