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Im excited and I am back :)

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Well I know I haven't been posting in a while, but my computer for the downstairs is all messed up and likes to freeze a lot, but we got a new hard drive for it which should be here tomorrow And well also I cant stand to sit downstairs either

But my mom ordered me a laptop for graduation and well it was shipped the 9th so I am super looking forward to it getting here, because well then I can get back into my routine here Also get back to sig making, its been driving me nuts because I cant do it well with the mouse But I cant wait for it to get here I'm counting the days and tracking it. It says 3 to 5 days so by the end of the week I will be officially back...the thing that sux is I will have Vista now and I don't know how I will like it

But anyways, ill give u guys some updates on the kits!

Willie has been his normal self, eating, sleeping, and being super cuddly
Midnight loves summer he comes for food several times a day
Bella will be here for a year at the end of the month but she is still the big mamas girl she always has been
Stormie is a mamas girl minus the cuddling except for today
Blue is just blue and has gained so much weight she also got a spay sway going on but shes my cutie, and my cuddle buddie (she usually cuddles when its inconvenient for me of course like when I am getting ready to leave or when I am trying to lay in bed she makes it to me before I can actually lay down )
Tessa is her normal self, stubborn She too has filled out a lot
The dogs have also been their big bratty spoiled selves as well, who am I fooling all of them are spoiled

Also my mom and me have gone back to work as of Monday, and so far so good

Also I got my second tattoo. But I cant wait for the computer to come, I will be back officially for sure I got so much catching up to do

Also I have so many photos to show u guys as well
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well at least we know you are still out there, and doing well
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Aww great to see you back hon!!!
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I've missed you! Welcome almost back

Daphne is like Blue - fave time to pour on the lovins is about 4 minutes before I walk out the door

Sending get here quick vibes to the laptop!
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Hey Amanda I have wondered about you...Glad to hear you are doing good and the kitties are too...Glad to hear your Mom was able to go back to work
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Welcome back! Its good to hear that everything is going well for you and for the babies. AND that your Mom is doing good after her surgery! And what a graduation present! Lucky You! Dont forget us around here.
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Its here I woke up my mom gave me the day off surprisingly I woke up when the phone rang and was like omg why am I here and not with her And well she said o well I just got up and went And I told her about the email that it was shipped the 9th, sure enough when we were on the phone it came I was so excited...heres the funny thing, I have to transfer things on here and today my cousin decides shes gonna stop over since i havent seen her for over a year and her baby has gotten sooo big But it was a fun day...but now I am back Now it is catching up time

But yes, my mom is so happy she can go to work, she is finally able to leave the house..and let me tell u I am loving going to work to And well she is finally allowed back in the pool as of the 4th of July, and well shes already soo tan But she is doing dad however still thinks she needs help with EVERYTHING which we all help here, I go to work with here and I am the one who cleans the house except for dishes I HATE dishes and well he just likes to yell and try to help now! BUt let me tell u we are both sooo sore from the first 2 days back!

But thank u everyone Its great to be back

Also when I have my grad party I am going to give my mom some money since well she did buy me this and all and got it all upgraded with more space and everything! Also because well shes my mommy lol! I'm thinking fishing license because darnit I wanna go fishing
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Welcome back!
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Glad you are sounding well and that your mom is doing so great after her surgery!
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Its good to hear from you! I'm glad things are going well. I can't wait to see lots of new pictures when you get your new computer up and running
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
I can't wait to see lots of new pictures when you get your new computer up and running
and new siggies!
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