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I hope to send my picture and story out on Monday, too. Although I love the cats I have now, I have chosen my cat who went to the Bridge last year. I thought it would be a nice tribute to her, she was an amazing cat and faithful friend. And that way, neither of the current furballs can be jealous.
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OK Hissy, you asked for a challenge....

At least it's not my Dad's cat Pumpkin, whose nickname is Furry Rat Face Stinky Kitty Butt....
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BIG thanks to Nancy Draw!!!!! Whoever you are.....this is such a kind, generous offer!!!!!!

I feel like Merlin will be immortalized forever!!! I wish I had a better picture of him...I don't have a better one, I am a horrible photographer with a horrible camera! The one I will be sending is nice, but his eyes look a little crossed, and actually they aren't....maybe you could uncross them in the painting! :laughing: THANKS SO MUCH for this offer and your hard work!!!!
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I will do it .. When do I have to have a picture and story in by?
It'll be hard to choose who to use though
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Tigger- check your PM box, I just sent you one.

Ok, everyone has been heard from and responded to! So I am going to close this thread and let it fall off the board.

Thanks to all who responded so quickly and everybody else cross your fingers, if this works out smoothly Nancy has said she will do other books in the future!
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Updating: The first packet of pictures were sent to Nancy Draw yesterday: Lhezza, Hell603, Yola, Lorie D. I got in the mail today Debby and Christy's stuff. I will wait until Wednesday before sending those on as well. Christy and Debby please check your emails and get back with me via email. Thanks! Those of you who haven't sent your pictures and stories, please do. And if you emailed me your photo and story, I didn't get it if your name doesn't show on this posting.
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I've been bad. Last week got so hectic I didn't get the package out to you. I did finally get Earl to help me pick out a picture, so we should be able to get everything sent out Monday.

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Just wanted to add...Hissy sent me a copy of the poem she wrote about merlin for the book, and it is GREAT!!!! She captured his personality so perfectly!!! Thank you!!!
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OK - I have narrowed it down to about 15 photos! Ack - I can't decide!
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I've been a baaaaaad girl. I totally forgot - I meant to send the pic and story LAST Monday!

I've printed out about 7 pics. We still can't decide between Shelly and Lazlo.

I'm actually considering sending both in - and making hissy choose!

Lazlo's our first, but Shelly's our character.


They should be going out today....
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Gosh darnit! I finally get organized enough, and even have a picture all picked out, brought my photo paper to work (better quality printer), and the stupid thing ran out of yellow ink. The IT guy is taking his sweet time about replacing the ink cartidge, so it may not go out until tomorrow.
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So Ady and me aren't the only slackers! LOL!
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I have asked the cats to choose, but they won't. I feel like they will feel left out if I don't choose them! I will problably send a kitten pic. maybe I will post the possible pics here and everyone can choose!
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Bren- I got your story and your photo today. What a beautiful kitty. They will go in the next mailing, and NO I am not Nancy Draw- after the book is completed, I will or she will announce who she is. Until then she is hiding and painting.
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Hissy, I got your email--great poem. She was a beautiful and very sweet cat. Dan and I still miss her, and so do some of our friends who got to know her. The only bad thing about cats is they have such short lives.
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Spooky I got your picture, but not your story. Is the cat's full name Boo? Thanks!
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I'm pleased to say that I FINALLY got the package off in the mail today! Unfortunately, I still had to print the picture out at home so it isn't that good of a print. There's something wrong with the color printer at work. I sent you an approximate 4x6 from the home computer on photo paper and a smaller print on regular paper that I managed to get out of the work printer. Mary Anne, if you need a better print once you see it I can either email you the picture or I can run another print on a better printer.
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Just email it to me heidi. Use maryanne@thecatsite.com and just email the picture no story- send the story separate- that way I can just print out the photo and not worry about text.
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Done and done, but I realized looking at the pic we chose that her ears are too big in that photo. I also included one of her recently to show her adorable little fairy ears. I told you all this in the email, but I'm still amazed at how anal I'm being about this! LOL
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Hissy-I mailed the story out a few days ago, so look for it soon! And yes, Boo is her full name. If you need something longer, then you can use Booboo instead. Thanks MaryAnne!
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MA emailed the poem for Ophelia to me and it is great! Thank you so much! I really can't wait for the book to come out, especially now that it's a little more "real" that my Baby Doll will be in it.
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Well - I've been a bad girl. All good intentions aside, the bottom line is I don't have something in the mail yet. I think I'm going to have to go with Ady's idea of a "help me choose" thread.

Gotta go resize some pics!

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I still need to hear from LDG, Spooky ( I have your photo not your story) Katl8e, Deb 25 (is it in the mail?) Bod Lover (sent her an email) Sandie (I believe you said you were mailing me) Tigger what happened to you ??? Come on guys, would like to make this the last mailing to Nancy so get those photos and stories in.
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I just this very moment finished the story. With the help of the TCS members, I've picked out the photo. Both go in the mail tomorrow! I'll send them overnight.


PS. Since I spent the time writing the story, I think I'll go post it in Paws and Reflect!
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Story's up in Paws and Relfect!

It is also printed out, along with the pic (of Lazlo in the box). They're in a Fed Ex, addressed, and ready to go.

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Ignore your pm.... I think I have a picture of one of the felines... I will send it to you ASAP
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I just sent you a picture. It was hard to choose, but I chose Gizmo.
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good choice Tigger! I haven't gotten it yet (if you emailed it) did you also send the story?
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Check your email. I sent the story/traits and picture seperately about 5 minutes ago!
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Mailing it tomorrow!
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