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Active Posters Exciting News Please Read!!!

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This morning a Catsite.com member made the following generous offer!

She would like to offer her substantial artistic talents, and paint a picture of members' individual cats. Put this picture along with a story about the cat into a book and offer the book up for sale with proceeds going to a cat charity!

At the moment, she will stay mysterious and be known as only Nancy Draw-

Anne was told of this offer and so Anne has put down the stipulations of determining who will be in the first book- (There might be more books in the future) depending on how this will go.

Nancy will paint the pictures for the first book. Therefore, the most active and up-to-date members will be allowed to contribute to this book first.

Ok now there are more stipulations here. There is only one photo allowed for this with only one cat in it, no matter how many cats you might have. As, this is a lot of work Nancy Draw is taking on!

All photos and stories will be mailed to me directly. PM me for my address please. Because of this WOW offer from our member, I told her I would contribute by taking your stories and turning them into a poem about your cat. I will use the initials of your cat's names- so when you write about your cat, give me traits, and funny things it does, tell me about your pet and give me plenty of information to work with here.

Ok that's it, except for a BIG Thank You to Nancy Draw for taking on a project of this magnitude!

There is a time frame here guys, so let me hear from you! And those who don't qualify right now, keep participating in these wonderful forums and perhaps other books will be coming your way soon.

That's it- Happy Holidays!
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E-mail is on it's way! Woooooooohoooooooooooo! How exciting!
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What a great idea! A big THANK YOU to Nancy Draw, too!!!
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What an awesome idea!! PM is on its way!
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I just pm'd you and I think the offer is awesome!
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I just e-mailed you with a pic and info.
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I'm so excited about this!! Email off to you Hissy, and I do have a couple questions....

How long of a story do you want, or just some rambling about the kitty in the pic? I only have a digital camera, would a decent quality print out be OK to send? When do we need to have the pics and story sent to you?

A HUGE THANK YOU to Nancy Draw for this incredible offer!
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I just PM'd you, then I got your email. How soon do you and Nancy Draw want the pictures and stories? Big thanks to Nancy.
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Wow, that is a fantastic offer .
How will the book be available?
Just wondering.

Conrgatulation you heavy posters you!
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ok the sooner you can mail this off to me the better. Most of you have already been in touch with me. I would prefer (if possible) to have both the story and photo sent direct mail. Of course our members overseas, I know that email will be the way you will go. But having the photo in front of her will make it easier for Nancy Draw to use them, and for us to keep track of them. Make sure your name, address or email address and name of kitty (board name for you) is on the back of the photo. The story can should just be a short snippet about the cat. If you just want to list traits that is fine, but if your cat does something really different, let me know that as well so I can work it into the poem.

The book is hoped to be completed in 6 months (if all goes well) The cost, is still up in the air, however it will be announced on this board first when the first copy is finished and will be offered up for sale on Meowhoo.com. The artist wants the proceeds to go to a cat charity- and I can think of none more worthy than the one Anne works with CWSI. Cat Welfare Society of Israel. Seems only fair, as it is her board where we all met.
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This is so awesome!!!!! I can't wait!!!!! Big thanks to the person doing this and to you Hissy for helping them!
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PM acomin' your way! Thanks for the offer it's very exciting.

I will sort out pic and story tomorrow, as it's bedtime here now.
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Oooooh, sending you a PM Hissy! This sounds so exciting
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Wow - what a great idea!!!!! I'm really excited!!!!!!

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WOW!!!! To Nancy Drew all I can say is thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, not only are we proud and flattered to be included in this amazing project but also humbled by your generous offer. I am also so happy that it will go towards such a worthy cause. To be included amoungst you all will be marvelous and exciting and will be something to always remember everyone by as I count you all as my friends what a wonderful birthday surprise. Thank You!
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That was nice guys- although she is anonymous right now, I know she is keeping her eye on this thread.
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last bump of the day......
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I have to pick 1 cat! How will I tell the others why they weren't chosen. Hissy - I will discuss it with the cats this weekend and let them choose who will go in the book. As soon as that is decided I will mail you a pic and story.
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I just wanted to say thank you to "nancy draw". That was a very kind gesture of her, so sweet.

I had told Hissy to withdraw my name at the beginning because I really don't have the time nor energy these days!! But I hope all that participate have a ball w/ it, and I can't wait to see the final product! We'll all be anxiously awaiting to see it!!!
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Spamming has it's uses

I'll tell Suki to put the camera away
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Because of the time element, the work involved for Nancy Draw- if I don't hear from you guys by the 23rd of this month, I will be contacting the next two people on the list. I have emailed and pm'd everyone and those of you who have responded 18 of you- thank you for your quick replies! Once the 20th spot is filled- this thread will be closed. I will list the people who will be in the book before the thread closes.

Nancy- thank you so much for this great honor! You have thrilled so many of our outstanding members with your generous spirit! I had to laugh at your comment yesterday that you were afraid to approach me with the idea, because you were afraid I would say NO! LOL If I did that, I would of been run off this board on a rail!
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Last Bump.... Here is what I have put together for two members cats based on their stories they sent in. Here is for Yola's baby


B is for the Bundle of fluff who walked
right up my jumpered arm.

A is for his Alluring eyes,
A big part of his charm.

L is for him Leaping
Into the center of my heart.

I is for his Inquisitive nature
Quite noticeable from the start.

E is for his Enchanting face,
He always makes me smile

R is for the Realization
I dig his crazy style.

O is for the Overflowing love that
Dwells deep within my heart
The day I saw him the first time-
I knew- we’d never be apart.

And for Hell603's kitty-


L is for the Look he has,
Nothing about his demeanor is shy.

O is for his Ongoing conversation,
While he waits for me to reply!

K is for this Kindred spirit
Who slides on the tiles in my hall.

I is for I think he’s Intelligent?
Except when he runs into walls!

Put them all together, they spell Loki, tried and true.
Without this Bengal to brighten my day-
Whatever would I do?

Ok, now you guys can see where this is going. So start sending me your photos through direct mail please (lots easier) and your stories as well.

Happy Holidays!
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Those poems are great! I'm hoping to send off the pic and story and stuff next Monday. I'm trying to get hubby involved in this too, with choosing the pic and coming up with a good story about Ophelia.
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Ivo's name is so short Can her name now be Miss Ivo Princess of the Universe?
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I really like those poems, Hissy! I'm hoping to send my story and picture off on Monday too.
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LOL Sure Christy! Challenge me! Loki is a short name too though!
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Hissy, I wish I had even a drop of the creativity in my blood that you've got coursing through your veins!

I'm still kind of bowled over by this offer. What an incredible woman Nancy Draw must be! It's such a great idea - what a wonderful fund-raiser for charity!!! Much better and much more fun than a bake sale! LOL!

Gary and I are having such a hard time picking which cat to send in. Lazlo is our baby - he was our first. But then there's Booger - who started the whole thing. And there's Shelly - who's the character of the bunch. He always keeps us laughing. He's so smart! He's figured out how to open the bathroom and shower doors - and is our only lap kitty (which just happened in the last week!). But then there's little Munchkin - who, I just found out, the Vet said that if we were going to release her back into the wild it would be better to euthanize her. That's why Gary brought her inside. And the poor thing is kind of retarded - she must have been malnourished during critical growth phase. So she's our "real" rescue. The one cat too many for the house - but we took her in because she wouldn't have survived on her own.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

We're sending ours Monday too. We'll have to print out a digital pic - we don't have photos of the cats (or just about anything anymore) on anything other than in digital format.
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Laurie, I only have 2 and it was such a tough decision!! I asked Earl which one we should send in, and he said Ophelia because if it hadn't been for her we wouldn't have either of them. I'll be interested to see how Mary Anne drops her b!itchyness into the poem.
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