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I miss Jazzy so bad

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I went to visit her grave and i started digging i only went as far as i could feel the towel over her it was only an inch of area i couldnt see anything but it was soft and i miss her so bad and i want to see her again it's been 9 weeks and i thought i was ok and ive cleaned it all up and made her grave look a bit better with more bark and flowers and things i feel so morbid and i shouldn't have done it

im so sorry
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no,'s are just in the process of grieving and sometimes it causes us to do things we wouldn't normally do..i don't think you did anything's understandable you want to be close to her and i'm sure she is looking down on you purring seeing how much you love her.
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Dont feel bad about it, i had the same feelings when my cat died earlier this year. I didnt act upon it but i did want to see her so badly.
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I know it's hard
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Awww, I can't imagine how hard it would be
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Oh darlin, I'm so sorry. You know she's not in that grave, though... she's within you, anytime you need her.
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Ok, I have tears running down my face!! Seriously. I am so sorry! I know how you feel. When my Molly passed last year, my husband brought her to me wrapped in a towel and then put her outside while he built her a coffin While he was doing that I had to look. I had to. I wished I hadn't, but I had to. I can't comment any more. I am sorry for your loss. It does get easier, but the memories for me are still so strong. They are occasional now, where before they were constant, but they are still just as strong.

Like CarolPetunia said, she is within you now.

You can see her in your dreams. That is a much better place.
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Thank you so much for your replies. After i made that post, my internet was disabled, big disagreements and things with my father who pretty much controls everything. It was bad timing to make a post like that then vanish. I just got internet back about half an hour ago, so now i can come in and talk again. I hope you guys missed me, i was going stir crazy without TCS
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It's a terrible thing to lose a furry best friend. I know where you are, it may seem like a very dark tunnel, but there is light at the other end.
Theres not a day goes by where I don't think about my best cat friend who died 12 years ago. Time does heal all wounds but it never takes away the good memories that you have.

I don' know what else to say to cheer you up. So I will just send you some
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I am sorry that you had difficulty with your internet. I have been thinking about you and worrying. I know how you feel. When we had to PTS my Sugarly it devastated me for a long time (that was 2 years ago). We have a little tribute to her in our back yard with a little statue painted just like. When I really miss her I go out and touch and talk to her statue.
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Im so sorry sweetie!!
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Oh Sweetie I am so sorry you are going through such a hard time and like Carol said, she will always be with you.
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So sorry! I remember when my cat Mag died, I didnt want to let go of the box he was in . My mom has his ashes (as well as his brother who died a year earlier) in a box next to her bed. I miss both of them terribly (its been 3 and 4 years). Its perfectly fine you want to be close to Jasmine again. Hang in there
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I am so sorry you're feeling so bad today. I do know how you feel and have had thoughts like that myself. I even considered having Alley "taken up" so that I could cremate her. I guess its best that her resting place is 1100 miles from me now. otherwise, I would spend so much time just laying on it, crying.

I won't say it gets easier, but it does get "less intense" with time.

pm me if you ever just want to talk, about your girl, or anything.
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