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testing kitty 1,2,3....

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hope this works, here are my two boys Diego (wht & red) & Eeyore (sorta pointed w/ blue eyes), & a third solid black female, Nina, on the way in a week.

female at 8 weeks

female at 12 weeks
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oops, sorry, I checked the size and I was sure it was within the boundaries!! I guess not!
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I am fine with the size. It looks great!!!

I love the kitties and their skin. Reminds me of Yoda, pic #8. Show us more!!!
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In photobucket, you can resize by going into your album, clicking on the Edit button above the photo, then hit resize and resize it for message boards (or something like that...).

That should get them to a good size

And the pics are gorgeous - I LOVE Sphynxes! We definitely need more pics!
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I decided to make the pics a tad smaller, seeing there are so many!
I haven't shared pics of my babies in a really long time, I have alot of catching up to do
the boys, as you can see, love to snuggle although there is definately a power struggle going on with Diego (older and much larger boy). He'll nip at Eeyore (aka Mr. Sunshine, SweetPea and Sausage McMuffin... god only knows where those nicknames came from time to time & gives the most EVIL eye if he sees me giving any attention to him. When they snuggle he is mostly on top or holding Eeyore in place. Eeyore doesn't seem to mind for the most part, he's very laid back.....but then again if he sees Diego in a compromising postion, eg: under the blankets with only his head sticking out.....he'll pounce on him and give him some payback!lol
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They sound wonderful! Gorgeous boys and baby girl is simply precious Great photos!
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a few few few more pics, Eeyore is so much more wrinkly than Diego and has far less hair, but he does have a funny tuft of hair on top of his head that is made up of 4 hairs about half a cm long. Almost named him Alfalfa cause of that.
Diego is more furry with a tail that is sooo frizzy it looks as if it got caught in an electrical socket! I'll have to get some close up of these details they're very cute I love my babies


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Aren't they gorgeous!! Those ones of them snuggling in bed are just so precious
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I think they're gorgeous! Snuggling kitties are just too precious! I like the one where they're both on the windowsill - it's like he's whispering in Diego's ear.
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I can't see the pictures here at work because of firewalls, so I'll check them out tonight.

Yvonne, you were missed at the get-together back in the spring at the All About Pets Show. Some of the same group of us were together with some new additions as well.

Hopefully we'll be able to do another get-together this summer. The folks in the London area (and some travelling from Toronto area) are getting together I believe this weekend in London.

Getting back to the kitties, I find it amazing how we start out having a kitty and before you know it we have 2 or more.
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thanks gang, I get such a kick out of snapping pics of them, rarely are they NOT doing something cute
It would be nice to meet up again, life has been insanely hectic and as of July long weekend I work every fri-mon at a rehab ontop of my upholstery business. Well, I suppose its better to be busy than bored!
About collectiong kitties, uhuh, I agree, I could just keep adding and adding to my little family. they're too much fun and nothing gets me out of a negative head space faster than spending time with them
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so cute!
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