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Hopefully other military affiliated members will relate to this...
So, we arranged an automatic payment allotment on our apartment with our BAH (Housing money) and it hasn't went through! So now, we're getting slapped with our rent bill plus a late payment fee! My husband is infuriated on how the financial office is treating us and is going to go to the base responsible for it tomorrow, demanding an explanation. They better have a quick fix for the payment because if not, then I don't know what we'll do. We don't have enough for the rent on us which is like $1,500!
Now I'm worried sick that they'll evict us even though we're only late on this month's payment. Will they? I've never dealt with apartments before so I don't know how that all works.
Any advice?
By the way, our kitties had their first vet appointment. They both didn't seem to mind the 45 minute drive nor the vet. Hopefully that won't change when they get older.
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hope that everythign works out.
I dont think they can kick you that fast.
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What branch is he in? Is it military housing or do ya'll get an allotment each month for rent outside of the base?
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Army and we get BAH which is an allotment for the rent. Problem is, they didn't process the allotment through so it would go directly to our housing.
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