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Food suggestions

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Seamus has been on a Prescription Diet for about a week now, 2 days left, and when I return him to his normal diet, I want to use a different dry food (He was eating Friskies) He also likes the Friskies Wet packets with the bits of meat in gravy, so I think I may keep feeding him that once a day, especially since they were on sale and I have a bunch I don't want to break the bank feeding him, but his illness has made me reconsider the food I've been feeding him. Any suggestions that won't dent my wallet too badly?
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what rx was he eating and why??

what is your budget??? I ask cause if you want to stay under 10 a month for dry food suggesting a 25 a month food wont help

What stores do you have access?? are you only able to get to a walmart or grocery?? a Petco petsmart or other big box?? or Mom and pop??
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i/d he was throwing up and he was diagnosed with giardia and tapeworm (I saw a worm then the throwing up, took him to the vet immediately after that) His liver reading was a little high too, (actually she said liver disease, put me in a panic) but the vet said that may just be the giardia.

I usually go to PetSmart to buy his food. 10 and 25 isn't a huge difference a month for food, I'd rather stay on the lower end, but if there's something on the higher end, I'd consider it.
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look at Nutro in the natural choice /... it is a relatively simple formula yet good for about 10 -13 $ a month for dry

a bit less in quality and price is Authority

a bit more in price Blue Spa and Royal canin and By nautre organics

all are at your local Petsmart
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Sounds good! I'll give it a shot. Thanks! I think at this rate, Seamus may just appreciate any kind of food that isn't the mush he's getting pretty sick of
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