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Cat Harness

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Im looking to buy a cat harness for my kitten so i canstart gettting her used to having on one, but i cant seem to find a small enough harness. If any1 could point me in the right direction to finding on it would be thankful. Ive tried petsmart and petco, cant seem to find anything small enough for her. She is only about 4 months old.

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Check out the measurements on these:


I know the smallest one fit my Abby when she was younger.
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If you go to a good sized pet store I can bet you they have one. If you look close enough they will have "one size fits all". Usually they will be the kind that has holes all through it or the knitted kind that you can make a hole anywhere you want.
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Try an adjustable ferret or rabbit harness. They usually fit young kittens.
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