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Gunky eyes!

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So, my surprise kitten (whose name will be either Jean-Pierre or Marie once I know what sex it is) has gunky eyes.

Whatever the gunk is, it glues the eyes shut, but after I take a warm, wet washcloth to it, and clean them up, they open right up and the eyes look fine.

I will obviously take it to the vet if it gets worse, but my question is - what can I do in the meantime/can I do anything at home? Do pet stores have eye drops, or am I just better off getting the antibiotic ones? Should I just keep washing it with a warm, wet cloth?

Kitten is two and a half weeks old (and HUGE, the greedy thing )
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Firefox had gunky eyes - the vet gave me an opthamalic version of neosporin ointment for them. but i'd see a vet 1st before using it.
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Do you guys have some sort of human eyewash you can use? I use Optrex eye wash on my babies that have gunky eyes. If not you're doing the right thing with warm water - I'd use cotton woool or a cotton pad instead of a wash cloth personally - then you're sure that the cotton pad you're using is clean ...
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Is there colour in the fluid? I.E yellowish? If so it could very well be conjunctivitis , so when you clean your kittens eyes, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly as it is contagious.

Please keep us updated once you have found out from the vet.
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Well, she's going to the vet tomorrow morning. Her eyes continue to get gunked up, and this morning when I cleaned her eyes before I went to work, one oozed a whitish discharge. Her eyes still looking good after they're cleaned, but I don't want to miss an infection that does permanate damage.

Is it possible for mom to be a carrier? Her first litter (this was a surprise kitten, see the surprise kitten thread) had conjuctivitus, so I wouldn't be surprised if this one does, too.

(OTher than that, the kitten is a roly-poly fatso, being an only kitten - I'll post pictures shortly )
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