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Just Made "The" Appointment!

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I just made the appointment for Cooper to get spayed!

December 26 (day after Christmas)
Our company is closed from Christmas to New Years..... so I get to be home with her!!!

I think I'm more traumatized than she will be!!!

Any pointers for a first time "nipping"?!
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When our Kitty was done, I was a nervous wreck...but it all went fine. When she came home, she was a bit stoned and just wanted to lay down at first, and sleep. Then she went on to walk around, as to check that everything was still there. She didn't eat or drink for a while. The vet told us to make sure she doesn't jump at all, btu that's impossible, we tried to locj her in the transportation box, but she went beserk. I ended up sleeping with her on the floor, was cold night for me, but warm for her as she slept mostly on top of me

Good luck with Cooper, and speedy recovery then!
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I remember being a nervous wreck when the girls went in for their operation. Dear me. But they came through it like troopers, and once we got home everything started to return to normal. Usually the vet includes a sheet that gives you instructions on post-op care. Just keep an eye on out and the healing will take care of itself.

Good luck Cooper!!

And try not to worry too much Lhezzza.
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