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Adult food?

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My kitten Blossom is now 10 months old. How much longer do I feed her kitten food before introducing her to adult cat food?
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I am old school.... 1 yr to 18 months depending on size
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I think it depends on your kitten. If she is starting to get "plump" then I would switch to adult food now, if she is slim and generally healthy, then I agree with Sharky and would feed kitten food for the first year.
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Unless its a larger breed (maine coon, ragdoll, etc.) I would not keep kittens on kitten food past 5-6 months old. Most of mine have been small size breeds (rexes) and if they ate kitten food for a year, they'd be very fat cats. Charlie was switched to adult foods at 5 months old with no problems in growth etc. He still is maturing but at a slower rate then the first 6-7 months.

So you can switch to adult foods any time now - just do it gradually if you are feeding kitten/adult dry - mix the 2 together and over about a week or two put more adult then the kitten.
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I usually switch to adult food at 7-9 months. I found with Mosi he was starting to get a bit chubby on kitten food at that age.
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Thanks for the replies. I don't know what breed she is, I call her a mini Maine Coon bc of her coat. I had her weighed 3 weeks ago & she was 4kg or just under 9 pound. I wouldn't call her overweight. Sometimes she looks a little round in the tummy, mainly after eating or if she hasn't had much exercise.
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My baby Sophia will be 10 months old next month, but she's been on "big girl food" since she was 6 months old, only because it's hard to feed her separate food from my other 2 adult cats, as she tends to finish her food, then gravitate to the other 2 bowls of almost-empty food and finish them up.
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