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Kinked Tail?

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Hello Everyone,

I need a little advice from you guys. I just bought a kitten and wanted to put her in shows. I know you cannot show a cat with a kink in the tail. The breeder gave me a gaurentee againt kinks in her tail. I just was wondering if this was an actual kink in her tail and wanted to ask you guys before I contacted the breeder. Let me know what you guys think.


Thanks in advance.

P.S. Its at the tip of the tail.
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I'll move this to the breeder's forum for you as they will have better information than you'll get here probably.
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Thanks, sorry didnt really know where to post this
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I'm at work and can't view the picture. Can you feel the tip of the tail? My mom's tortie has a tail kink, as does my Odo. In both, I can very clearly feel the kink when I touch the area near the end of the tail. I'd say if you can feel the kink, it would most likely be a permanent defect.
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I cant really feel anything on the tip of her tail. I posted on another site and people are telling me that it for sure a kink in her tail. So im going to call the breeder tommarow.

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Looks like a definite kink to me - check the TICA rules - maybe showable under neuters. For CFA a kinked tail is not permissible except for HHP but then, your cat is a bengal so the point is moot for CFA anyway! Can you feel the break or not?

My Bulan and Suria's sister has a kink, and she comes from generations of super straight tails ... it happens...
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Whether or not its an accident or he/she was born with one, the kitten would be disqualified (winners ribbons withheld) as a championship or altered show cat. Its visible AND you can feel it.

If you bought the kitten for show and it had this kink in the tail WHEN you bought it, then the breeder should take it back. If the kink showed up after you've had it, its probably an accident of some kind.

An accident would not hold the breeder responsible at the time you bought the kitten. So you have a pet kitten as of right now.
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