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I just got a phone call

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A lady just called me... she found two abandoned kittens on her porch today. I guess the mother cat disappeared, and left them behind. She has been trying to feed them, with no success, and she has a cat aggressive dog and she was afraid the dog would kill them. She wanted to know if I could take them. I told her I'd talk to John and call her back... but of course he said "go call her back right now!" . So she's on her way with them... she'll be here in about an hour. She said she thinks they are 2-3 weeks old, their eyes are open but they're tiny. There's one orange and one Calico. We're going to let one of our momma cats nurse them. I'll update and post pictures later!
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You are a super woman!

How many kittens will that make it now?
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Well, the babies got here at about 10:30 last night. They are sooooo skinny, the woman said she found them around 9 a.m. yesterday and tried to give them a bottle but they wouldn't take it. I brought them inside to Lady, because she's the one with the most milk, she took to them right away. One started nursing immediately but the other one just sat there and cried. I was going to get a bottle, and I set her down and she just happened to be next to a bowl of dry food, she started eating it. I got a can out and gave it to them and they both went to town. They aren't 2-3 weeks old like she though, they're at least 4 weeks but not sure if they're any older than that.
Both are girls, like I said VERY skinny and dirty. Very obviously NOT feral, as they are wanting attention all the time. There is a little orange one that's in worse shape than her sister. She meows and it breaks my heart because her meow honestly sounds like that of a dying kitten. But she's alert, active, and eating, so I'm hoping for the best. The other kitten I'm not sure what to call her coloring, the lady thought it was Calico. She's a grey tabby with an orange back leg, orange spots on her body, and a big patch of orange on her face... and her feet are all white.
I'll post pictures later when I can take them outside where the decent lighting is.
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Originally Posted by jane_vernon View Post
You are a super woman!

How many kittens will that make it now?
Right now, we have 14. We had 15 last week and then 3 went to their homes... and we just added 2. In total, we've had 20 kittens... Missy had 4, Sasha had 5 (and we lost 1), Lady had 5, we adopted 4 bottle babies (and lost 2), and now these 2 new ones.
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you have such a big heart, your an angel for taking in these kittens.
by what you said i would say maybe a dilute sP? tortie and white?
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Awww what you do is so special, the SPCA I got my 2 kitties from, she uses her house as a home for strays, she takes them in whenever needed as you do, and I can't say enough of how great it is, that people like you open your hearts and lives too so many unwanted and homeless kitties. Bless you bnwalker , you are fantastic !

P.S may I add.....XxtashaxX your Sophie looks exactly like my Shiska ! I can't believe it my siggy, has her in it, but I have the names around the wrong way, Shiska is in the middle, small photo of her though, sorry just hadta add that hehe
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aww i would love to see her , but your siggy isnt showing??
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hmmm maybe I got the size wrong ?..I can see it but I guess that does not mean much hehe I am going too take better pics in the next day or 2 anyway, and make up a new siggy because they really do look alike..that classic tabby colour I love it
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That is awesome! You are such a wonderful person for taking all these babies in!
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Ok, ignore my question asking if they are rescues. I saw the other thread before this one. You do have a huge heart!!
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