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Holiday cats(long thread)

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Just back from The Algarve, and there were 4 cats that seemed to live around the hotel. Unfortunately the poor things(1 in particular) were so underfed, to the extent you could see their ribs. There were 2 in particular that you'd alamost always see together, the one in the photograph and a poor black one whose tail looked like it had been burnt. On our last day we felt so sorry for them that we bought a box of dry food, and scattered it around the outside of the hotel, where we'd seen the cats a few times. On our way out on the last night we actually hand fed one of them and he proceeded to eat as if he'd never eaten before. When we got back he spotted us, ran up to us & started meaowing for food, so we fed him again. I don't know if there's anything we can do about these poor cats, as the hotel staff didn't seem to care whether they got fed or not. I've posted a couple of pics of one of the poor hungry fellows.(The top 2 pics)
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Is there any pet stores/shelters by the hotel? You could advertise about the cats and mabye a local there would be interested in adopting one once they hear about it? I'm sure if they got animal control to catch the cat they would let a person keep it.

Or you could put up handmade flyers with the hotels permission, for people to call the hotel if they are interested in adopting one of the cats.
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That's probably what I would do to. Look up animal shelters and find out if they are a no-kill shelter. That's about the only thing you could do if you have the time.
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