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Mamma kitten

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Howdy everyone! I haven't been here since 2005. Anyway, we moved this year and unfortunately there are about 5 stray cats, one of them is a pregnant kitty. She doesn't look to be about 9 months, anyway, she is pregnant, at first I thought perhaps she has some gigantic worms LOL, but then I felt a little kick on her belly, so I reckon she's pregnant. Anyway, I have my Jellybelly and a new addition ChooChoo, both neutered males. I don't know what to do. There are 3 male cats outside, 2 of them are extremely rude angry cats, always always beating up on my cats, bite marks here and there over both JB and CC. Anyway, the other male is pretty laid back. There is one female that I think was the momma of the pregnant kitty.

Anyway, I don't know how far along she is except that her belly is pretty tight and has been like this for a month. What am I suppose to do and how to protect her? I've decided to keep her inside though my boy cats won't approve but CC is pretty cool, he just ignores her. JB though, well anyway, he has issues with everybody right now. Anyway....everywhere I move there are stray cats and I was hoping I won't have to deal with anymore. I believe they all belong next door in a duplex outside of our house. I reckon if I stroll over there and say 'hey are these your cats' they will deny it and slam the door in my face. I am tight on money with diapers and food plus putting my oldest son finally in school!! Anyway, any advice would be great. I don't want to take her to the shelter just yet because they would perform an abortion. They have finally implemented a 'no kill' law here in Austin yet I don't want to put her and her future babies there just yet. Anyway....I'm at a lost and ramble a bit much. I hope everyone here is doing well!
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The poor things. I know a couple of ppl around my neighbourhood that have cats all over the place, annoying their neighbours.
I would try & find out who owns them, if they don't own up, tell them you'll have to have them taken to the shelter. Get the pregnant kitty checked by the vet to make sure she's ok & go from there.
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I forgot. Welcome back.
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Welcome back.

How long have you been able to feel kicking? Has she produced any milk yet?

I agree. Get her checked out by a vet. He can also give you an estimate of how far along she is.
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2 weeks ago. I don't have enough money to take her for a visit and I don't think the neighbors do either, which is perhaps why all of their cats aren't fixed? Anyway....I haven't felt seen her leaking or anything, but the kicking started about 3 weeks ago. Somedays she bulges on both sides and other days it looks bulgy in the middle. I'm at a loss, over the weekend I had her inside during the night, that's when the 2 orange males come more and fight with whoever is there, including 2 possums and a raccoon Critter house over here Anyway... thanks kali kat and brittany for responding
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Hey everyone!! Momma cat is having her babies!!!! I wanted to step in there but I see that she's doing pretty good for a momma baby herself Anyway, 2 so far are born, she's licking away and purring I think she still has 2-3 more inside of her. Keep her in your prayers please Will post pics once hubby gets home
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Aww, congrats on the new arrivals and I hope everything continues to go well!
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There are 2 orange/white, 1 white, 2 black/stripes! She is doing sooo good, I'm really proud of her. You know, her milk was leaking a few days ago and she insisted on staying in our house so we kept her in at nights so the 2 orange male cats won't bother her. Then this morning our bedroom door was closed and my 3 year old woke me up saying that someone was scratching the door. I opened it and saw that she was scratching, she started meowing at me like 'hey lady, what took you so dang long?!' and then walked into the closet. I left to start some kind of breakfast and she kept meowing really loudly in the hall so I came back, she was sitting there waiting for me and then walked back to the closet. I went to the bathroom and she meowed again, really loudly like 'hey didn't you hear me lady?!' so this time I stayed and got to see the 1st one come out, I reckon she wanted me to hang out with her for the 1st one!!! Then I saw the 2nd one come out a few minutes later, that's when I thought I needed to step in and cut the cords but then I said 'no I ain't doing it, she has to do it' and left her alone, kept the doors and lights off and told my boys to not go in the bedroom. I could start crying because I don't know what to do with all of them?! I've come on here before taking care of a stray cat and her babies and ended up taking them to the shelter because no one came to adopt them. I will go next door around 6pm to see if she belongs there. If money was not a problem, then I would keep all of them in a heartbeat and get them all neutered/spayed. I wish people would seriously take care of their pets, all of the shelters are full of kittens and cats.
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I've added her to the "Already delivered" thread here:
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Congrats on the new kittens!

I have a feeling she may have belonged to the neighbors and when they figured out she was pregnant they threw her out of the house. I guess it doesn't hurt to ask though. Make sure you don't allow her near any male cats that aren't neutered. She can get pregnant even though she is nursing.

If you are able to, try keeping the kittens until they are weaned and then take them to a shelter. A friend of mine took a stray and her kittens to a shelter and they took them in for free. Others may charge you because the kittens don't have their shots and aren't spayed/neutered. The price won't be anywhere near as expensive if you took them to a vet for all of that stuff.
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Hey!!!! Is there a several hours lapse between the other ones? I think that she may have one or two more inside?! Please let me know
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