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Just one? *Help!*

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Tehya went into labor last night and had her first baby!

But after she had it, she just sort of... stopped. She cleaned up the little one, and took care of it, but labor stopped. I waited up throught the night, and she didn't go into labor anymore.

Now, I'm pretty sure she has more than one kitten in her... her stomach is still too big
I'm not sure what to do! She doesn't seem anxious or stressed at all. She's just feeding the new little one. Any idea what's going on?
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My one rex's last litter only had one and she was still a little big. If there still is nothing by tomorrow, maybe call the vet and see if they want to examine her to see if there is any more.
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Sometimes labor stops for more than 24 hours.. I think it's a tad bit unusual that it was only after delivering one kitten, but who knows? I wouldn't wait, however.. something could be seriously wrong. You should definately call the vet to see what they think.
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Thanks everyone

I called our vet, and she thinks we may have to do a C-section... this will get the babies (if there are any) out, AND she will be getting fixed as well.

A pretty good deal, all in all. She needed to be fixed anyways
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the vet should do an xray or a scan to make sure there are kittens in there. you will have to be carefull with getting her fixed as her milk may dry up and you willl then have to bottle feed.
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Well, looks as though she just has the one!!!

I was so worried about her, but she seems fine and the vet says the baby is healthy. We may even keep the little one

We'll have to get Tehya fixed as soon as she's done weaning though.

Thanks for the help!
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