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Do you get your cats christmas gifts?

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We have stockings for the cats, but I think we do it more for us then them. We love to get them things and then they play with everything else just like a child.
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I have to stop myself from buying them to many things. They all have their own stockings too!:tounge2:
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We get them a few toys. This year, I'm going to try to actually wrap them up. Trent loves to shred anyway, to it may be fun. I'm going to put a bit of catnip on the inside of the wrapping so they know it's theirs. I'll have the camera at the ready!
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We always give the pets their own gifts. And last year Sam gave things to his little cousin Samantha.

The dog knows which is hers - like radar. She can go to the tree, pick out hers, unwrap it, and then carry it around the house all day. And if anyone new arrives, she grabs the new toy and takes it to show them.

Sam, unfortunately, is not a very bright cat. But he is handsome, so that makes up for it.
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Of course, although sometimes they just prefer the boxes and wrappings!
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I have stockings for the cats and the dogs. The cats will get treats, because they don't play with anything labeled "cat toy".

I got big rawhide chew bones, for the dogs. They'll all get turkey & giblets cat/dog food, too.
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I have brought them both a present each. I have wrapped it up and placed it with Richards presents with the gift tag saying "to you for corky & jinxy"

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Yep! Sockie gets one of those pre-packaged kitty stockings this year, it has about 10 toys in it. And I got her some tartar treats, a new kitty brush, and two new bowls. (Okay, maybe I went a bit overboard...lol.)

And I'll make the crew outside something nice with some leftover turkey and broth and other yummies. I know they'll like that.
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I always get them something for Xmas. This year I didn't get them much, because hubby gets mad when I buy too many toys. I did get them a little pillow that is filled with catnip from a craft show. It is about 2 inches X 2 inches. I know they will love that b/c Boo already tried to play with it when I was wrapping it up. :laughing:
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Of course, we bought a little sock with toys inside. And today we got a package from the US, a friend of ours send some catnip, dental snacks and bunch of balls Casper and Kitty will be very happy!
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I actually get Ivo presents every time I go to PetSmart so she will be getting something, even though it isn't strictly a Christmas gift.
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I have stockings for the girls in the shape of paws. They each have one with their name on it. This year they are getting softie balls, and feather balls and new rabbit fur mice, and then I also got them a cat cd that is supposed to calm them when it is played (good for traveling to the vet) and a catnip video, which is basically a movie for your cats . Plus I will get them a treat, wet food, for their Christmas dinner. I really cannot wait for Christmas.

And I also buy stuff for my friends cats for Christmas . Can't leave the little furrballs out .
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I always buy Christmas presents for my pets. Snowball's gift this year is called a Catellite, I wasn't sure how to describe it so I'll just show a picture instead...
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Well since I had already gotten gifts for Bella months ago () when we got Pepper a few weeks ago I had to go out and get him some too!!

But, my problem is that Bella wants to eat all the cat toys. I swear she knows they are the cats and so she will ignore all of her toys and go for the teeny tiny cat toy instead. So I had to try and find ones for Pepper that would be indestructable by a 115lb dog too! What fun!

Can't wait for Christmas. It will be their first! Though I must admit that I seriously can't wait to get rid of the tree which is causing such a nightmare. :laughing:
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We also have stockings for all 3 of our pets. Roger is always trying to get them down off the wall. I bought them some toys last night when I went to the pet store, but, I already gave them some of them. :tounge2:
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Where did you find the Catellite? Do they have a "Discovery Zone" for kitties?
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Of course Spike gets Christmas presents! He's getting a bunch of toys including furry balls, jingly balls, a wooley bully (sp?), a cat cd, treats... I'd go look for the rest of the stuff, but they're all tucked into his Christmas stocking already.

I also buy for my friends' furballs... can't have them feeling unloved! :tounge2:
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Of course my babies get xmas presents! that's a silly question!
every year they get toys, a special can of cat food(or a little tuna),
and once in awhile a new cat tower.
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lisa_catfancier, I found the catellite on-line at Petsmart. Here's the link to their site. http://www.petsmart.com/psm_offers/Freeship50/
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I don't get my cats anything fancy. They get extra treats, and if I'm cooking turkey, they get the icky parts (liver, gizzard, etc) I might get them a new toy each this year. They're so spoiled, and they have so many toys as it is.

I guess there's no such thing as spoiling them too much, though.
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I got my kitties lot's of purresents this year!

I got them a 6 pack of Kooky Katnip, it comes with catnip buds, leaf & flower catnip, stalkless catnip, catnip pellets, valerian root and a honeysuckle disc.

A magenta rabbit fur ball for Hercules.

Kitty Frenzy 12 pack mini mice.

A wand toy with a feathery end.

A Banshee Mouse.

Mini Sparkle Mice Trio

I also got them Nutrience Treats and some other cool things.

My kitties are going to have a great Christmas!
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Mine won't play with "cat toys" but, I found some hollow balls that designed to be filled with treats. As they bat them around, the treats are supposed to pop out. We'll see if these are a hit.
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my babies got a HUGE cat condo last year
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Of course Max gets presents for Christmas and not only from me, but my sister and brother-in-law, my best friend Paula and my Dad all buy Max Christmas presents. He's on spoiled, oh I mean, loved kitty.
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Every day is christmas in this house for these spoiled cats! We don't need an occasion, if we see something we think they'll like, we buy it! They just got a whole bunch of catnip toys this past week.
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Everyone has there own Yule stocking and then when Santa comes he always leaves some things wrapped up all pretty. Funny, but they usually like the ribbons and paper better. And yes we watch carefully to see that NO ribbon is going down their hatches.
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Yes, a new sack of food a new bowl of water and lots and lots of hugs and kisses

plus the usual, toys , treats , games
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Oh yeah! This coming Christmas will be Oscar's first one as a very loved kitty. I can't wait to spoil all of the boys with toys and treats
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But, of course! Nobody in the family is left out. But they don't seem to understand the concept of gathering around and opening prezzies together

However, they can sometimes be persuaded to "open" their gifts, if an end is broken so that they can get a good whiff of whatever is inside. Treats, toys, you name it, but we do try to keep it within reason

The real treat, though, is the wrappings -- great for hiding under.

They also give gifts. Usually any gift that is edible or potable comes from the "kids"
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Why would I not buy my precious angel baby a Christmas gift?? She gets Ramadhan gifts on the Eid too!
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