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Im having the worst day ever....

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So not only did I have to attend the funeral of my bf's grandpa yesterday (such a sweet man may he rip) then I come to work today where an employee freaks out on me for the dumbest thing that is out of my control... He was rude, belittling me, acting superior to me, being so snotty and unecessary in every way imaginable... So i wrote an email to my hr department about his behavior (he has done this to me three times now, he flips out when I transfer a call to him, and it ends up being a sales call... Hey, I direct the calls to the proper departments and people the clientel asks for, by no means am I responsible for what they are calling in regards too)... This man was cruel and Ive had enough of his crochity behavior... Well the human resource lady and I had a talk (she was totally understanding) and then she had to ask me how I am doing (funeral and all) so I cry again... I hate crying at work.

Then to make matters worse I decide to go heat up my stupid ravioli in my (MICROWAVABLE) container... The thing melted into a complete mess, this has never happend before, the bowl is microwave safe and I have used it many times... So now I have no lunch..

and as if my life couldnt get any worse I have to go to the doc to have my keloids treated (2 from a piercing) and try to figure out why I have been getting these painful and mysterious green cysts by my ears (not the pierced area) once a week... I dont even have money for the co-pay until the day after tomorrow, so I guess Ill have to ask them to hold the check for a day...

My life is in shambles and it never gets better... I have about 3 hours left, starving, with no money and no food....
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Awww sweetheart! Hang in there love. Everyone has days like that- it will get better though. Stick your chin up and try to stay strong and just get through the day. Just because you've had a bad morning/afternoon does not mean you have to have a bad night as well. Why not try and plan something fun tonight??? Maybe plan out a yummy dinner your can fix at home, make yourself a yummy little smoothie or healthy snack and take a nice bubble bath tonight??? You know what always cheers me up when i have a bad day??? A little play time with my furbabies- there is nothing that puts a smile on my face more quickly than watching my animals have a hay day trying to kill their kitty toys!

Hang in there hon! You'll get through this rotten day
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LOL I got no blender for smoothies, I dread taking a bath in my apartment tub (scarey even when clean), and I cant cook... but the bf can! Thanks for all the kind words, its been a rought time for me lately and work just didnt help today. I cant wait to see my kitties, they always make me feel better. I hope the doc can help me figure out all the weirdness going on with my skin and I hope she can fix my keloids... Hopefully they will hold my check till the next day (im sure theyll be none to thrilled when I ask em to but oh well) because I need this taken care of asap.

Im trying to hang in there, only 2 hours to go!!!
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i'm sorry you're having such a bad day. i think a chocolate fudge sunday may be in order.
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MMM it would... MY favorite actually... No food talk, remember my lunch merged into my tubberware and was unedible! The day drags when your hungry!
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