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Anyone looking for some books?

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I'm always looking to add books to my ever expanding "library" and joined a site that a friend at work was telling me about. It's called www.zooba.com and it's basically an online book club. Once a month they will send you a book that you have lined up in your cue (you can change the order the cue or swap books out at any time). The cost is $9.99 a month and this includes the price of shipping. Most of the books on the site are hardcover so this makes it a pretty good deal. You can get more than one book a month but you would have to pay extra for it, of course.

When I get a house one of the things I'm planning to do is build a large bookcase into a wall. I think that having all hardcover books in it would look a lot nicer than a bunch of paperbacks.

I received my first book before the end of June. It's called The Spartans and is, well, about the Spartans of ancient Greece. For now I only have three other books cued: Thermopylae (about the battle between the Spartans (300) and the Persians in 480bc), The Children of Hurin (JRR Tolkien), and One Square Mile of Hell (about the battle for Tarawa in WW2).

I know there are a lot of other members here besides myself to love to read so I thought I would share this site in case any of you would be interested.
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It's "Book of the Month", without them sending you their selection if you don't choose otherwise. I used to belong to that, before it got to be too much of a hassle with customs (I live overseas). It's a good tip.

I notice that they even have some pet care books.
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Thank you very much for the link. I love to read, but generally wait till books come out in softcover...I will definitely check this out!
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You list books you don't want anymore and you get credits for everyone you send out. You pay shipping on the books you send but to get them form someone else is free. It works pretty well. I have gotten a few really nice books from them!
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