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Precious Cat Litter

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I am thinking of trying this brand. Does anyone use it or have tried it? What do/did you think of it? I currently use Tidy Cats scoopable for multiple cats blue top.
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The folks that make Precious Cat also make Cat Attract. Cat Attract is awesome and I suspect their more general purpose litters are equally good. Give it a try and let us know!
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i liked it, but i didn't like the price. i could only get it at petsmart and the price went up way too much for us. i think we used it for a few months in 2004.

i'm switching back to Tidy Cats (red bucket) scoop. we were using target and wal-mart brand for about a year because i didn't know Tidy Cats red went back to the original formula. now that i know they have, my cats are going to be so happy. 2 of them were pretty much lifelong Tidy Cats boys until the "tidy lock" formula came along.
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LOVE Precious Cat. It's relatively inexpensive if you get the 40# bag, it's very hard clumping, and the lowest dust litter I've ever used. I don't really use it since I don't have a car and can't haul litter all the way from PETsMART on my bike, but I'd use it if I had it easily available to me.
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I have used from time to time, I but like every 3 or 4 times.
Agreed 40# is best buy,
but not all supply stores sell this qty.
It's pretty good. Price is a little stiff., but I think litter
prices have went up across the board due to fuel costs in transport
this this heavy stuff.
I like unscented cat litter and they offer this. Most cat litters
are way too strong to me. When I buy a cat litter with small
scent I mix in with unscented not for cat and me to be over
killed by perfume, which is totally unnecessary if you scoop
a couple times a day, and clean weekly with fresh litter and
or add baking soda.
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