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Happy Day!

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Awhile back I said that sometime soon my exroomate would come back for his cat. Well he did and well the cat chose me!! WOOT

He went to pick up Loki and boy did that cat hiss at him lol. even a few hours after that the cat did not relax or alow him to pick him up or really pet him. I feel bad for my roomate because he soo loves that cat and waited to bring him back till he was settled in his new state.

I'm glad the Loki decided to stay with us I did not have the heart to break up the boys they grew up together. So now I get to spoil him rotten for the rest of his cute little life.
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Aww, I feel bad for your ex-room mate but at least he knows Loki will be kept in a good, happy home. Lucky you!
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I am happy for you and Loki, but feel really bad for your ex-roommate. I hope that he can go to his local shelter and adopt another kitty in need - on he won't have to give up.
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At his new place he was adopted by the house owners 2 cats, they love him more than their "owner". He lavishes attention on em and they even sleep with him at night. He is really Great guy and a wonderfull Cat daddy, i'm sure when he has a permenant place he will have many lovely cat children.
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