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Happy Birthday, Ike!

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Today is Ike's birthday. He's 3 years old.

On the day that he was born, I saw Katey's (now) ex and he told me that Allie was having her puppies and she was up to four. I called Katey and she was a wreck. At that point, Allie had had six. My (now) ex and I decided to go see them and try to calm Katey down.

Allie was in a big box, in the living room and didn't seem to have a problem, with us being there. Of, course, she knew us well. We checked out the puppies. They were HUGE and so cute!.

While we were there, she dropped two more and Katey was freaking out. Allie was just laying there, popping out puppies, as if she did it every day.

A few minutes after we got home, the phone rang. "She had another one! That makes nine! I'm running out of names." I got Katey calmed down, again. An hour later, another call. "Its number ten!"

At this point, I said, "Tell Allie that's enough!" Katey was laughing and crying. Fortunately, that was the last one.

We visited, a few days later. All of the pups were big and strong. Sadie kept breaking out of the box, to go exploring. Ten puppies, all sleeping in a pile, are so cute.

Numbnuts and I moved out of town, on New Year's Day and didn't see them, again until the following December. Katey had found homes for five of them. Ike jumped up on the couch with me and wouldn't leave me. We were renting and didn't have a fenced yard so, we couldn't take him.

In October, of last year, I took Bill to meet Katey and the crew. Ike was all over Bill, just like he was, with me. We bought our house, in December and in May, once my divorce was over and I'd calmed down a bit, Ike came to live with us.

It has all worked out: Ike is happy. He has Rowdy and Pearl to play with and he loves Bill and me. I'm so glad that Katey let me have him.

Happy Birthday, Ike!
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Happy Birthday Ike!!
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What a great story - obviously he was meant to be yours and you and Bill were meant to be his! Happy birthday Ike!
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Cindy, I haven't been around much the last few days so I missed this! But what a great story - so in addition to saying

"HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY IKE!!!!" (Hope you got a nice big bone! ),

I also want to say thanks for the smile!!

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