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Prescription foods


PLEASE do NOT just take your cat or cats off an RX that a vet prescribed ... Yes it is true many vets have little training in nutrition BUT they are trained in medical diagnois and diesase management...Many on here will tell you otherwise and suggest things you can talk with a vet about BUT you shouldnt enact without consult one

Many of you come on here asking for alternatives to an Rx aka percription diet ...
The simple answer is yes and no to whether your cat can get off there food ...
Rx food s are just like human medications, many of them are able to come off after a time period .... BUT many will need to stay on them ...
If you arent happy with the food , ie ingrediants , your cat wont eat .... CALL and TALK to your VET ...
Vets like human drs dont know Fluffy wont eat it unless you say something....
99% of VETS will order in a different type / brand of RX food if asked ...
Also by talking with your vet the vet may tell you that an OTC food will work and which one or give what they want it to have or not have ..

I hope this helps

Widely avail brands of RX

Science diet
Royal Canin / Waltham /IVD

add Medical( if I spelled it wrong say something)



For those that are thinking about homemade or raw food .... Please consult a nutrition minded vet( or any vet willing to help you ) if yours doesnt want to help....