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Boys...Meowmy doesn't need..

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A three kitty escort to the bathroom when she goes. She's quite capable of doing it on her own.

Everytime... all three... I don't think I'll ever use a bathroom alone again in my life.

The worst part is that when I do make it in, use the facilities, and then try to flush all three think it's a game an try to watch the water go down the hole.
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LOL! My Frosty is like that a lot. If I happen to get in there before her and close the door, she'll cry until I open it.
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LOL I know the feeling! I always have visitors everytime. If I close the door, I have paws reaching under the door trying to snag my feet! And, if it's an emergency and I don't have a chance to close the door all the way, on top of the cats, I have a pug that is trying to get in my lap, panting and snorting. Why???? I don't do that when they're using the litter box or outside doing their business. I think they know that have a captive audience.
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I don't know what it is about kitties in the bathroom but they sure do like it, don't they?
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LOL, my kitties don't do that since they stay downstairs and the bathroom is upstairs... but my German Shepherd has ALWAYS been that way. He has to be inside the bathroom with me or else he will cry and howl and paw at the door. When we were living in the camper for 4 months waiting for the new house to get done, we had a port-a-potty. Imagine trying to go in there with a 70 pound dog trying to squeeze in too.
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Looks like you have your own secret service escort!
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I can't remember the last time I went to the bathroom alone at home The boys just want to make sure you are okay.
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Yep, you are a captive audience. Especially nice if the toilet is next to the tub so they can sit on the edge and you can pet them.

I don't think our bathroom door will even shut.
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I often get a 3 kitty escort as well. Stumpy jumps in the tub to leap against the curtain at me, Smudge plays around my feet and Lily mews at me wanting pats. Funny things
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Princess comes in with me and lays down on the rug and waits for me to finish. When I flush she always looks at the toilet, but she knows I won't let her go near it until the lid is down.
I always keep the lid down when the toilet isn't in use because it looks nicer and I use a "blue water tablet" to keep it cleaner... I don't want her falling in that!
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At least they don't wait for you to be done so they can drink out of the toilet

Trout is disgusting!
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I often have a 1 kitty escort too! It would be 2 kitties but they only tolerate one another, so if one is in there with me the other is sitting in the hall waiting for the other to leave. And the funny thing is that whenever I go to the bathroom either Chynna or Abby go in their litter box at the same time, and with Abby that's a good thing because she tends to pee over the edge of the pan sometimes, so if I see her about to do that I reach over and push her hiney further into the box

I live alone and haven't had a moments privacy in over 14 years thanks to my darling baby girls
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Well it is unanymous! I too, have a three kitty escort every time I head in to the bathroom. Since I live alone and have a master bath in my bedroom, I never shut the door (unless I have company) Where do the kids come from? Even in the middle of the night, if I try to quietly sneak in, 3 little kids trot in behind me. Now, Sophie and Mollie I understand, but how did Cosmo (who only looks at me when I call his name,) figure out that HE would also join the ladies in the powder room. So, Sophie is on the sink, Mollie sits under the shower curtain with only her tail sticking out and Cosmo lays down between my feet!
I do shut the door when I shower - only because I don't want Mollie and Cosmo in the tub with me...and when I get out, there are always little feet reaching under the door...
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Yes! I know the feeling for sure! A closed door is not allowed! My mom stayed over for a weekend last year before we got Chevy. She let her know right away the way things work. She followed my mom too! LOL Summer would meow at the door when my mom shut it, I let my mom know. My mom kept forgetting, then heard her meow. She would say "Sorry Summer" and crack open the door. She slept by my mom the second mom is a definite animal magnet!

Chevy HAS to watch when we take baths and showers too. He loves to "guard" the door and stare at you.
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A lap is a lap! That's apparently what Bella's trying to tell me every morning...she just jumps right up, makes herself comfy and waits for me to pet her.

I have, of course, now budgeted an extra 5 minutes each morning for this "ritual".
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All of my rugrats try to follow me to the ladies room too, dogs included i just get in their faster than them and try to shut the door before they get in there to be nosy Hey, momma needs her privacy! Whiskey will lay down on the outside of the door and just cry and whimper until i come out. I guess he thinks the evil toilet monster is going to steal his mommy
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My kitties have finally learned that they aren't allowed in there with me... so they stand watch outside the door and wait for me, as if I'm going to come out with some grand cosmic revelation for them!

I do let them in when I shower, though -- it's just so entertaining for them, I cannot deny them that. And they love it when I bend over to detangle my wet hair -- Pearl bats at the ends, and Clydie stands up tall to duck his head under the curtain of hair and nosekiss me.
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You know, sometimes when the girls don't follow me I get lonely now. Usually if I call they will come though!

I have to be quick about closing the lid though! They like to hop up when I stand up!
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