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Broken leg cat restless...

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My cat broke her front leg yesterday and was put in a cast. I've been told to keep her in a cage and keep her quiet. But last night, she went bezerk, ripping and biting at herself, screaming and jumping literally feet into the air. I took her to the emergency clinic and she stayed overnight, under sedation. Today it was back to the vet who rebandaged her (the bandge was shredded and bloody from her tearing at it) and sent her home with Valium. About an hour ago she went nuts again, and I calmed her by first yelling 'NO!' so she stopped, then by opening the cage, throwing a blanket over her and wrapping her up and holding her for a long time. In that time I got half a valium into her.
Now she is in the cage tearing at her elizabethan collar, the cage, her mat, her cast and everything else. She isnt beserk like last time but I'm so worried because she is supposed to keep still!
Can anyone suggest anything??
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I would not put her in a cage. I would put her in a bedroom.
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Apparently she has to be kept in a cage (and its a big one, more than large enough for her litter tray, bed and water bowl) so that she doesnt jump. If jumps off anything, even something low, she could twist the leg, unset it and it will probably have to come off. its a bad break.
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I think that half valium should have had some effect by now...but it appears that it didn't, I guess? Is she worse than she was before you gave her the valium? I would tell the vet what's going on and see if they have any other suggestions, maybe different medication? This page states that the valium could possibly make some animals more irritable...


I'm not sure what to suggest. I went through this with Pumpkin, but she stayed reasonably calm in the cage. It's when I would get her out to clean her or medicate her that she would go nuts. She was in it for 6 weeks.

Maybe a slightly smaller cage? Sometimes more confinement is more calming.
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Have you tried taking the collar off of her? It might be freaking her out. She may be better off without it.
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thanks guys, she is calmer this morning though she freaked out a couple times overnight. I cant take the collar off her unfortunately, she immediately starts gnawing her cast.
Poor little thing, I feel so bad for mer. I think she got more sleep than me last night!!
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I suspect she is in pain - was pain control discussed with the Vet?

When cats are in pain, they usually want to go off and hide - she cannot, she's confined.........
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Our cat broke his back leg, and the put a cast on it and he just laid on his back and rolled back and forth he refused to walk on it. He just kept that leg straight up in the air...After a few days we took him back to the vet and they took the cast off completely, and he put no pressure on it for a while but eventually he did and he was fine...not sure if your kitties break is more severe or not. Also the front leg I think, may be a worse place to breakGood luck...poor baby
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Also, try to look in the healthfood stores for a flower essence called Bachs Rescue Remedy. Its natural and it helps animals/humans that are in distress.

Many postive vibes headed your way for your baby cat.
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