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Update on Krista and How You Can Help

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Here is the latest developments concerning the death of Krista. She was the kitten who was set on fire and dumped on the side of the road to perish. I posted the original story under "Injured Kitten" in this forum.

If you have any friends who are Canadian please email them the online petition to help pass Bill C-10B. The website is located at the end of this post.

(Toronto – 14 December 2002)

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) launched its Krista petition drive today. Named after a six-week-old kitten who died after she was doused in gasoline, set on fire and dumped from a moving car into a snow bank in Richmond Hill three weeks ago, the online petition calls for the Canada federal government to swiftly pass Bill C-10B in its current form.

“This petition is a fantastic way people can concretely contribute to getting this bill,†said Rob Sinclair, IFAW Campaigner. “Canadians have expressed outrage at acts of animal cruelty, and recognize this as a way to deliver their message to those who have the power to change our laws.â€

Bill C-10, which modernizes the Criminal Code’s protection of animals from cruelty and proposes reforms to the Firearms Act, passed Third Reading in the House of Commons last month but has been denied swift passage by the Senate. Over 80 per cent of Canadians have consistently said they support the bill.

Krista’s tale renewed the public’s fight for the bill, leading to a deluge of phone calls to both the Canyon Valley Animal Clinic and IFAW offices. Well-wishers made contributions for her care or to the $2,500 reward offered by IFAW for information leading to her killers.

Dozens of Toronto-area residents have pledged almost $20,000 towards the care or reward in the case of Krista. One Toronto resident has offered to double IFAW’s reward, and the town of Richmond Hill has offered a $2,000 reward. While most donations have been from Toronto-area residents, there have been donations from throughout North America.

“The cruelty of Krista’s abusers has been matched by the compassion of those coming to her defense,†said Sinclair. “It restores your faith in human nature to see individuals willing to come forward, willing to do everything from make a donation to call the Senate demanding action on the animal cruelty bill.â€

The petition is located at: http://www.ifaw.org/page.asp?id=1598
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I signed the petition! I will send the link to people at work.
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It's a shame we can't all help with the petition. I am so glad that Krista's suffering is bringing attention to animal abuse.
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I posted this on another site I frequent. I hope it gets lots of signatures.
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Jeanie - I think you can still sign the petition as it gives an option for country and state!
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I signed it. You're right about the choices given. At the top, it says it's for Canadians. However, I think other signatures give weight to the petition, showing support from other countries.
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I signed too. Rest In Peace little girl. Hoping you no longer feel any pain over the rainbow bridge.
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I signed, even if it isn't really counted. I wanted to show my support for baby Krista, and that this is a heinous act no matter what country, province or state it occurs in.
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I signed, too. I'll never understand how people can be so cruel to something so helpless. Of course, some people are abusive to their own children, so how could they care about an animal? These people are evil and soulless, that is the only explanation.
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I signed too. What a terrible, terrible thing.
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Yup - I also signed it.

I hope it will add weight to the campaign if overseas people sign up - it will show that awareness is being raised for this issue worldwide.

Poor baby Krista. I hope they catch the psychopaths that did this and punish them severely.
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I am going to go sign right now! I hope it counts since I'm not canadian....it is worth a shot, though!
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Count me in, I just signed as well. How horrible!!! That poor little kitten. I'm at a loss for words. Sad and angry at the same time. I hadn't heard anything about this - thanks for bringing it to our attention Kassandra. Even though a lot of us are signing that petition from the US - maybe that'll make a difference. There's power in numbers - so maybe our Canadian neighbors will hear our voice and follow suit.

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Thanks everyone for your efforts!

This story really hit home because the incident happened near my home. I could have been the one going to work that morning and finding Krista at the edge of the street.

It's the little things that really make the difference in life.
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I just signed, too. I hope that people from all over the world are showing interest helps get the bill passed.

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