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Pregnant Cat?

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Hi there, I think my cat is pregnant.

She is only 10 months old

The problem is, I am no sure of the exact date of conception, as I only got her about 4 weeks ago. Her nipples are very large and pink, and her stomach has got noticebly bigger. The person I got her from also owns her brother so I have a feeling they have interbred.

I have no experience of raising kittens, however I've done a lot of reading up on it. Any advice would be great.

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Welcome to TCS! What is your cat's name? I will add your kitty to our "kitten watch" thread here, under the 'not sure' category:

Are you able to feel kittens moving yet? Once you can feel them move, it'll probably be around 2 weeks or less until she has them. Be sure to have her on a good quality kitten food, and let her eat as much as she wants. Make her a "nest" (I used a large dog crate for each of my foster girls when they were pregnant), and start letting her get used to it now. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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My cats name is Lilly

That was one other thing I forgot to mention, I don't think I have seen the kittens move, I'm not sure what to look for though and what it looks like

I have a big box prepared for her, newspaper etc..

Thankyou so much
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I just watched Lilly breathing while she was sleeping earlier and seen small ripples on her belly Can't believe I've never noticed before!

So she's defo expecting
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Hi everyone, since I've woke up this morning Lilly has been very vocal and she's wandering around the house miaowing. At the moment she's lying under the bed but shekeeps getting up and miaowing. I've taken her to the box I prepared but she doesn't want to be in there and she cried when I kept her in the one room.

Do you think this sounds like she is trying to nest? Also she was lying on the table and when she got up there was a brownish coloured fluid there..

Please help...

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sounds like she will be sooner then you think. keep an eye on her and try and keep it quiet around the house. if your worried about anything just give your vet a quick call. hope everything goes well for her.
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shes lying in my room, settled down a bit and it looks like shes having contractions every now and again. she just moved over and i seen a few spots of blood, is this normal?

I'm so nervous
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She has just had one black kitten, he seems fine but how do i get him to suckle, he cant seem t find a nipple..

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mine all had very slight spot bleeding as they went in to labour, keep a very close eye if the bleeding gets more then just a little i would phone a vet, but some bleeding is fine (it normally looks a bit watery). do keep us updated.
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How long after the birth should te kittens start suckling bc the little one is sqealing,he must be wanting fed but lilly is getitng ready for kitten number 2 :/
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this is fine when she is finished she will settle down with all of them and they will start nursing. sometimes its better to take the kitten out and place him in a clean box while mum is deliverying the others as some mums gets a bit stressed and will move around quite a bit and may hurt the younger kitten. but make sure the kitten is kept warm. nice to hear everything seems to be going well so far.
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still no sign of baby 2, and baby 1 still hasn't had a feed..
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Starting to worry, there is no sign of another kitten, lilly is breathing heavily still and as miaowed a few times as if shes about to push, then she just lies down again. kitten 1 has had a small feed. her mammary glands have enlarged really big now.
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poor lilly just had a still born.

think the kitten was under developed
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oh im so sorry , i only just got your message as i quickly had to sort something out. hows the other little one, started to nurse yet ?
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Baby 3 has been delivered and is surviving so far, he seems quite weak though, another little black one

Baby 1 has had a small feed and is looking like a little monster already hahahah xx
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i know you said you wasnt sure of when she was due. maybe they are a little bit early? keep a very close eye on them and if possible use a kitchen scales to weigh them and put there weights here we may be able to tell you if they are a bit prem by there weights. and also weigh them the same time daily if the mum will let you just so you can keep check that they are gaining daily.
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She is now walking away from her kittens and leaving them.

She cries at the door to get out and then when you pick the kittens up to keep them warm she cries for them.
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You need to confine her either to a large dog cage or a small room - it is normal for young mums to be confused with their babies, so confining her should hopefully kickstart her mothering instincts. You might also want to get some scales and weigh them daily to make sure she is managing to feed them all OK. Good luck with them, and dont forget to keep her in until she can be spayed, they can come back into heat quite quickly and will do anything to escape!!
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Thanks BookTigger.

Today has been a bit better, I've left her in the bedroom herself for most of the day, only looking in now and again to give her food, check the babies, and she seems to be a bit better. She has been crying at the door to get out a few times but I've managed to ignore this, even though it breaks my heart.

A big thankyou to Tasha for all her help too I'm going to do the babes daily weigh soon so I'm hoping they've gained a bit since yesterday, especially the smaller one (2.8oz.) I'll let you all know how I get on.

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They have both gained 20g each today..

How does that sound?

(Bigger one is 4.5oz and smaller one is 3.4oz)
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thats great there doing so well those weights sound great they have put on really well.
im so glad to hear that mamma is doing better thank you for the update have been thinking about this all day.
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Sounds like they're doing very well! A 20g gain is excellent!
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I just saw this thread. You are doing so well with them

I know the meowing is heartbreaking but as long as she has water, food and litter box in the room, she will be okay. Sounds like she is feeding them well. Good job!
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Thank you so much everyone, it's honestly such a relief to hear everyone say those nice things.

Seen as se has settled under my bed now, I am going to try stay out of the room as much as poss, so we're sleeping in the living room tonight
(Luckily we have a couch which folds into a bed )

I'm so relieved bc I really didn't think the little one would make it, fingers crossed.

Thankyou so much everyone xxx
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Todays update..

Kitty's are well, however I am not sure if they have done the toilet yet..

I have gave them a little rub with a damp cloth on there little bums to try and stimulate this so hopefully that will work. They may have went for a wee, but not a number 2.

I'll update their weights in a few hours also. Lilly hasn't done a number 2 either yet, but she's eating like a horse, must be keeping her strength up
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you dont need to stimulate them mum will take care of this, if shes clean you wont see any of it. mum might take 48 hours or so before using the litter pan, this is normal as she would have cleared herself out before labour. thanks for the update. we want pictures!! lol
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