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I want this!

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I think we all need it lol!!
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Oh yeah, I so need one of those
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that's it!!! i'm asking my bf for one!!!! LOL...
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I definitely need one now, since Roxy thinks it's ok to wake me up everyday for her wet food.
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Oh I love it! That is so cute...and so true.
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That's great! I'm saving it for future purchase! I like the crazy cat lady mug too
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So cute!! That cat towel holder though... just wrong!
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I have one!
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Perfect! I need one too!
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Oh that site has some great stuff!!!!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
Oh that site has some great stuff!!!!
Yes they do, I was just looking through it.
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Cute Mug ... They also have those cat Butt magnets that Natalie(Trouts Mom) has on her fridge
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They even have gnomes!

I love this site, thanks for sharing...Secret Santa shopping urges are strong...must resist...
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Did you see the cloth-cat towel holder?
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OMG or the pencil sharpener?
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I assume the cat towel holders are the same as the dog towel holders...
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There great, I'll have to start my cat mug collection. I have enough dog mugs.
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