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Can't figure out why my new sig won't load...

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I've run into this problem before, and I just can't work it out: although it appears that the maximum acceptable sig size is 30k (and mine is 26k), the system still tells me the file is too large.

At first, I thought it might be the actual dimensions of the graphic, but no -- it's only 268x121. And somewhere in the maze of screens I've been through, it tells me the maximum allowable size is only 19.5k!

Can anyone tell what I'm doing wrong? Forgive me if I'm missing something obvious...
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Sigs are allowed to be 30kb when linked to on the forum, but when uploaded it the forum software has different size requirements.
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Thank you, yes, I realized after I posted that the 19.5k message must have been generated by one of my "Okay, then, I'll try it THIS way" efforts.

But I started out, and later continued, trying to simply post a Photobucket link, which ought to work at 26k, right?

I just tried it again: when I use the Photobucket "URL Link," it tells me the file is too large. I've doublechecked the file (within Photobucket itself, to be sure), and it is indeed only 26k.

Any ideas? I went through this awhile back with another sig, and eventually just gave up and forced it down to less than 19k... but gosh, I'd like to have a larger, clearer image! If you can think of anything else I could try, please let me know...
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If you have the photobucket URL, send it to me and I can make it 19kb or you can not upload it but link from photobucket (tutorial here) and it should work fine
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I had this problem too after the last TCS upgrade ........ the only way I was able to change siggys is I went back to the thread it was posted in and copied from there and pasted in the "update my siggy" place.

I know Ryan has pointed out to the "technical fixer guy" some issues people are having on here.
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I'm sorry, I'm not being clear enough -- I'm not trying to upload it, just link it to the image I've placed on Photobucket. I've been going by the tutorial you referred me to, except that when the recommended tag didn't work, I tried all four that Photobucket provides, one by one:

The "Share URL" tag results in a message from TCS that the URL is invalid.

The "URL Link" tag results in a message from TCS that the remote file is too large.

The "HTML Tag" and "IMG Code" tags both result in messages from TCS that the file is invalid.

I appreciate your offer to resize the sig for me, but if it's already 26k and I'm only trying to link it, not upload it... shouldn't it work as it is?

Here's the URL link, if you have time to look at the file and make sure I'm not crazy... I swear it says it's only 26k!


Thank you for your help -- I'm sorry if I wasn't clear before.
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Pami, if I understand you correctly, you're talking about grabbing your sig from a thread where it was posted by someone who made it for you... right? I've always made mine myself, so I can't even try that.

Unless I've made a really dumb mistake -- which of course never happens -- I do think something is technically wrong. But then why did one sig go through just fine, chronologically between the two I've had all this trouble with?

It shouldn't be so important to me, I guess... but I'd like so much to have good clean sigs like so many members do. And this particular photo of my Clyde is so gorgeous...
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It is gorgeous. I've inserted it for you.

When you were trying to do it, were you putting it into the "Edit Signature" Box, or down the page further into one of the "Signature Pictures" options. You want to put the image with the [IMG] tags into the Edit signature part.
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AUGH! I've putting it where it says to "enter the URL to an image on another website!" That's not where it goes?

Sure looked logical to me... but evidently I'm dumber than I thought. Thank you so much for figuring it out!
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It looks great
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