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Kitten occasionally playing/laying in litter box

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I have her litter box in the master bathroom with a gate up to keep my dog from ambushing her and bothering her (she can easily get in and out).

I noticed (this is only the second day) that she has decided to occasionally lay down or play in the box. Is this going to cause her to not want to potty there anymore?
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Did you get her at a shelter? I work at a shelter and see this quite often. A lot of the cats will lie in their litter box, and the little kittens will be seen playing around/in it. But, I've also noticed that they will never do this once they've gone potty in it. As long as she's using it for her "business" I wouldn't worry about it too much. Does she have a nice bed? Sometimes they just prefer one with sides so they can cuddle up and feel safer. Good luck!
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The same happened to us when we brought our kittens home. Bruce was feeling a bit anxious in his new home and kept curling up in the litter box. We were worried on of them would have an accident as if he had decided it was his bed, they would have no litter box!

We put out a second litter box, and also moved the first one and put a soft bed in a high-sided cardboard box in its place. Bruce soon used the bed instead of the litter box, and the problem was solved.

It may be worth thinking about the location of the litter box. If it is in a nice secluded place, your kitten may just prefer it as a sleeping location - so it is worth putting a bed there and moving the litter box elsewhere.
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I have noticed sophia doing this quite alot , I just check on her to see if she has layed in any of her poop
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This is common behavior especially when cats or kittens are new to a home or shelter. They will sit in the litterbox because it is theirs alone and they feel safest there.

In shelters it is common too because there is so little else that smells like them and has not been marked or touched by other animals, especially with the high turnover of cats.

She will hang out in other places once she has marked them. You may already know this, that kitties have scent glands in their paws and when you see them "scratching" furniture or rugs, they are putting their scent there. It isn't anything we can smell but they are well aware of it.

Also you mentioned you have a dog, and this may be making her just a bit more careful and wanting that extra security.

It won't be long before she is comfy other places and then she will not go back to her box. Good luck with your new kitty!
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