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Red eyes?

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Well mama and all 9 babies are doing great. They are almost 9 days old and are opening their eyes. There are 3 white ones and their eyes are reddish pink. Is this common in white kittens? Has anyone seen this? Nothing seems to be wrong with them.
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Do you mean their irises or maybe the membrane surrounding them? If it's their irises you're talking about, then they're probably albino. It's pretty rare considering I think it's a recessive trait. It's basically just an overall lack of pigmentation.

However, if they look sickly or by pink or red you mean bloodshot or something(though not sure how you'd really see that) in the third eyelid or the whites of their eyes, take them to the vet. It sounds more like they're albino kitties, though!
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That's what i thought at first, that they may be albino, but i know that's very rare. Now that they're more open, one has 2 of them red, 1 has one blue one red, and the other has one blue one blue with a reddish tint, but the see is very much there. I'm sure they're not full, but can they be part albino?
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Hmm, I'm not sure. It's possible there could only be pigment in one eye, but who knows? Maybe like how some people have one blue and one brown eye. One is recessive, one is dominant.. just means other things are coming into play. I'd ask your vet if you really want to know, though. They'll probably be able to tell you.
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