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Yay, Frisco Pictures! :D

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Handsome, ain't he?
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He sure is

They are great pictures!
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He is very handsome!!!! And he's such a ham! It looks like he was actually posing for you.
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aww wow- he's a stunner for sure - but can he work that camera or what give him some chin scritches from us
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very handsome!!!
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Frisco, you should be on a magazine cover! Your gorgeous!!!!!!!
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He's gorgeous
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Oh what a GORGEOUS boy he is

He looks very much like Gorgeous Quill.......... Quill The Mailcat

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What a gorgeous boy and great pictures. He looks like he's actually enjoying posing!
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Wonderful pictures! I wish Riley would hold still and pose for me like that, without closing his eyes!

Definitely a handsome boy
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what a supermodel poseing for the camera and everything, And a handsome fluff ball to boot.
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Frisco is gorgeous
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Love the mail cat picture!
Thanks for all the wonderful comments as always everyone!
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