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I have a skinny black thing

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Sleeping on my couch right now. Its a Chihuahua mix. Older female. I have no clue where she came from. None of the people who live around here have dogs.

We live out in the middle of nowhere the nearest house is over 4 miles away. I know they dont have any small dogs because I work with the women who lives there! She just came wandering up while I was out with the foster pups letting them go potty for the last time tonight. I must have a big SUCKER on my forhead.

I'm gonna call vets, AC and all the local rescue tomorow. Also print up some posters to put around. Hopefully someone just lost the old girl somehow. But she probably was dumped since we live way out of town. I have no idea how she got here unless she was dumped.

Either way I need something to call her while shes here. Even if it is for just a day I like to call them something. The guy downstairs said I should name her Skinny. Because she has thin legs. But I think she needs a better name to call her then that. Any ideas?
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How about "Julie"?
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Opal perhaps? Sounds like a good/ironic name for an older and black girl!
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Aww poor baby, I wonder where she came from
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Poor little scrawny girl! Howbout Zelda?
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Thanks for the ideas guys! I'll have to think it over some and see if any fit her. I really like Opal and Julie. The little rat just nipped me though. Shes walking around like she owns the place and is marking the whole apartment! I got nipped when I bent down to give her some more food. I guess shes food aggressive. Just my luck.
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Skinny and black? She should be called "Licorice".
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Originally Posted by katl8e View Post
Skinny and black? She should be called "Licorice".
Oh I like that!

Hopefully she will find a home - thanks for taking her in!
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Ok So I actually let the lady upstairs name her since shes currently not staying with me as of this morning. She kept going after the kittens. So shes staying with Joe downstairs and Grandma Betty upstairs named her Granny because shes so old. LOL She drove me crazy all night. I ended up having to crate the cats because she was going after them and wouldnt shut up when she was crated. She kept wakeing Ari up so this morning Joe called and I got him to agree to keep her down there. I called around and no one has reported a lost chihuahua mix or any dog that looks remotely like her. Took her to the vet since I was going there anyway. The foster puppies got fixed so I was already going there. They couldnt tell if shes spayed or not. Couldnt see a spay scar and shes not micro chipped. So we will hold her 10 days like it is required and then shell be adopted. Oh vet estimated her at around 15-16 years old.
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Aww! Poor ol girl! Maybe she's being food aggressive and what not because she's not been well taken care of and things. Poor thing! I hope and pray she wasn't dumped because she's old or anything!
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Originally Posted by Fostermomm View Post
Oh vet estimated her at around 15-16 years old.
and someone just dumped her!! Poor little Granny.
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poor baby. i'm glad your neighbor was able to take her in
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Well Granny is doing well except the fact that she has gone into heat! Joe called me freaking out saying she was bleeding everywhere! So I rushed down and shes just in heat. Anyone have any experience spaying such an old animal? The vet he brought her to said that she doesnt think we should fix her because shes to old. But I ve heard of older animals getting fixed. Not a 15-16 year old but have heard of 10-12 year old cats getting fixed before. Shes doing really well and if no one claims her in 4 days (the stray hold time hereos 10 days) then Joe has decided hes going to keep her. He fell in love with the little girl.
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I am glad he is going to keep her.

I can't see why she can't be fixed if she is in good health? But hopefully some of our resident experts will be better able to shed some light on this issue.
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Originally Posted by katl8e View Post
Skinny and black? She should be called "Licorice".

Thats a great name.Good luck with the new pup.Hope everything works out for her.
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Awww...bless Granny's heart. How in the world could anyone dump such a dog??

I hope Joe does keep her, it sounds like thats where she needs to be.

Please keep us updated!!!
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