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talk about cast aside!!!!!!

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Last year a cat showed up at my door, she was pregnant. That litter took off. Then she was pregnant again, we took the mother had her shots and we had her spayed . Then when her kitten, who was ferrel for about three months, came to us, and we had her spayed and her shots also.(They both lived outdoors in petbarn dog houses at first until the kitten was confortable with us, after their spaying they both started comming inside and now live indoors 99% of the time.) Up until the kitten was spayed they were inseparable. Right after we had the kitten spayed the mother went crazy and no longer gets along with the kitten who is now 11 months old. She is downright mean to the kitten. And the kitten wants to play with her. Why did this happen and what can be done.
I feel bad for the kitten.

Feis Barbie:
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I don't know why this happens. The same thing happened with a cat I used to own. Took her in when she was pregant, had the litter, found a home for one got the other spayed (mom was spayed after the kittens were weaned). Then she didn't want anything to do with her.

Maybe it is her way of telling the kitten to get her own life, which is hard if they are both at your house. Of course, at 11 months, she is pretty much considered an adult in the cat world. Maybe now they are just determining the hierarchy.

Of course, if she just got spayed recently, it could have to do with the smell of the vets. Or, she just doesn't smell the same way she did before. Cat's know each other by smell, so if she isn't putting off the same smell (hormones) that could be the cause. I just thought of that, but I could be completely off base.

Maybe you should try to reintroduce them. I'm not one to really isolate my cats for something that like, I prefer to let them work it out on their own, but if she is seriously trying to hurt the kitten (as in attacking) then it may be a good idea. If not, just make sure mommy has a place to go to be alone. If she's just warning her, they should be able to come to an agreement. 11 months old is a very active time, and it bothers any grown cat. Hopefully in a few months they will be friends again.

Good luck!
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I think its a broken bond from spaying and forcing the weaning by desensitizing, putting mom out in a way
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