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Guys! Help! A Duck!!

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What do I do? my friend brought over a tiny little baby duck that someone was trying to catch to kill at a chinese restaurant, it was just hopping around in the parking lot, no water around and no duck family. She brought it over to me. I don't have a clue what to do.

I called my friend who is a Naturalist but she didn't answer her phone. Any ideas?
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OMG Jen .......... I dont know but there was someone here that had some ducks swimming in the bathtub ......... let me see if I can find the thread.
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thanks! please do!
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Im looking........heres some duck info to read .............
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thanks, just found that site, on a quick google search I also found out it is about 2-3 days old and a Mallard duck.
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This TCS member has ducks and should be able to help you ......... I will send her a PM linking her to this thread.

You are a Sweetheart, Jen, you always open your heart and home

A Duck in The House???

My Ducks
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I sent the Pm

Heres more info

The site above has excellent info ......... heres some of the info .....

If you plan to keep it, get a small dog carrier (the plastic kind with wire door). Otherwise, use a plastic storage box, a cardboard box or basket. To make it feel secure, partially cover the top with something like a towel. Put a towel in the bottom as they shouldn't stand on anything slick.

The best thing is duck or chicken starter purchased at a feed store. IT MUST BE UNMEDICATED FEED. In a pinch, you can give it crushed cereal like Cheerios, crushed dog food, crushed dry cat food, cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs, chopped lettuce, canned peas or chopped green beans. Ducks can feed themselves from birth, but may not recognize the food so put a dab on a finger and put it in the bill to get it started. All food should be mixed with a little water for the first week or two.

They can drown easily, so only a shallow dish of water should be used. Don't worry if you have a tiny baby that won't eat. They are nourished by the egg yolk and don't need food during the first 24 to 48 hours, but will usually drink a little water.
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Hey thanks so much! I just called my friend who is a Naturalist and she just so happens to be the wild bird rescue contact person for Portage County, OH! I had no idea! So he will be going to the orphaned duck rehab facility tomorrow morning!

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awww good news!!! In the meantime give him some cheerios.
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Nice when things just work out for a change, isn't it?
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Originally Posted by Jen View Post
Nice when things just work out for a change, isn't it?
Definitely and you have a lot of good karma for all that you do, too!
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Oh Jen! I found a baby duck wandering in my back yard one day and got ahold of the local wild bird rescue center within an hour. Within 2 hours I drove it over to them to take it from me. The poor baby died overnight as it was too stressed from leaving it's mother. They told me that this happens more often than not so please, don't get stressed out if the poor baby doesn't make it. And if it does, just remember that you tried!!
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well he survived through the night! Still swimming around in the bathtub.

I was told that since it was night time, to put him in the bathtub with a little water on one end and a towel on the other and the light off and he should sleep. It was cute watching him lap up the water. Hard to not touch him since he is so cute! West Nile is big right now and you never know what the little guy might have.

but ya, off he goes to the center today!
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Hows the baby duck doing, I see plenty of those each Summer here.
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aww someone else got here first! Mom mom has been hatching ducklings, gooslings, pheastens, turkeys, and chickens for many years now. They are really easy to keep alive. Just make sure it has food, water, and a heat lamp!
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Hey thanks for asking. I have no idea where that duck is now or how he is doing. I almost forgot all about him! Last I heard though he permanently living at the facility because he had already imprinted on humans and could not be released.
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Well even if that is the case, at least he is alive!
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Oh ya, its not like he is living in a cage or anything. He has free roaming with other ducks and stuff, they just have a big enclosure so that he cant run or fly off.
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That's a happy ending at least!
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