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Flat Earth Mmmmmmm

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Has anyone ever tried any of the Flat Earth chips? Theyre so addictive
They make apple cinnimon, mango peach, wild berry, farmland cheddar, garlic & herb, and tomato ranch. So far ive only had apple cinnimon and mango peach. Theyre delicious! I could eat a whole bag in 1 day. Theyre definatley better than regular potato chips.
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go go apple and berry flavors!! they rock I had one of the veggie flavors too but I forgot what kind they were. One of the few "snack foods" on my ok to eat list so I am really addicted to em lol
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never heard of them I'm afraid
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Haven't heard of them but they sound yummylicious!
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I have never heard of them so I went to their website and apparently they are in our stores anyway there is a $1 off coupon on their website if anyone is interested
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Woo buck off how great is that, anytime I can save some cash is a good time.
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i LOVE LOVE LOVE the Peach Mango Passion ones, YUMYUMYUM
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I saw Oprah talking about those chips on her show not too long ago.They sound yummy- i want to try them, but they have a lot of sugar in them! So for me they aren't a great option. (most of the flavors have 6-7grams of sugar, i think their tomato one only has 3 though which is still not that good. for reference, regular nacho cheese doritos only have 1g of sugar.)
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yeah they may have more suger but so little of the chemicals you find in other chips, plus they don't use corn syurp which is much worse for you as far as sweetners go. And my all time favorite not nearly as processed wheat flour.
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But isnt it natural sugar? from what I understand its a "healthy snack".
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are they sweetie or Candy ?
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Originally Posted by PinkRhinos4 View Post
are they sweetie or Candy ?
Huh? they are chips. Heres the website:
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